jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2016

When hell came visiting... last time

Dedicated to all the Meniere's sufferers, worldwide.

When hell came visiting....
last time
I had been so sure it was gone forever
that took me by surprise

My ear rang like hell
my guts lost all control
I vomited till there
there was nothing more to throw up.

The entire world was spinning
my mind was under a fog
time was standing still
and hell was raging on

Eventually will end
this hell am going thru
I kept telling myself
and a daemon within
kept laughing while repeating
what if now it never stop.

all confidence melted away
and tears came to my eyes
God, please stop this hell
God, give me a respite.

eventually a respite came,
hell departed from me
It left me shaking, scared
unstable, light footed
truly feeling like shit.

For others hell might be
a cancer, an aids
a love that ends,
a terrible disease.

For me it has a name
Meniere's Syndrome...
Meniere's Disease.

I hope now it is gone forever
I hope it will not return
but a whisper deep in my inner ear
tells me hey!, I am hiding here....
When you less expects me
I shall return to thee

miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2016

Puerto Rico is Another Country, not a mere US Territory populated by 2nd Class American Citizens

Puerto Rico is not a mere territory own by the United States and populated by (2nd class American Citizens) but  ANOTHER country with her own history, national heroes, sense of mythical origin and destiny.  To make Puerto Rico a State of the United States would be the worst mistake the Union has ever made.  Yet under the present crisis, created by stupid, self destructive decision by Congress, Uncle Sam may engineer a Statehood Referendum in PR, and win it by a few percentage points.  

Yet to incorporate PR as a Federal State would be like swallowing a hard, sharp, pointed, living diamond, covered with milk chocolate. Uncle Sam has a big enough throat to do that. But once the milk chocolate melts away, there will be a nation, with a sense of national origin and destiny, tenfold stronger that the American, seeking her way out... to fulfill her own destiny. And eventually, we, the Nation of Puerto Rico, will find that way out; and the  wind and rain will wash away any blood and feces that may have stuck to us. What may happened to the guts of the beast, in the process, please don't blame us for that.

The right thing for The American People, The Union, The Federal Government, Washington and the elected officials to do is,  first and foremost , to recognize that PR is not a mere piece of land owned by the Federal Government and populated by US Citizens, but a Nation, with an Identity, a life of her own, a sense of origin, of present identity and future, prophetic purpose stronger,  a zillion times stronger that the manifested destiny and pursue of happiness the Union was founded upon.  

Once that point is understood and internalize, the rest is easy. As the uninvited Imperial power that invaded PR in 1898, and stayed there against the will of the people till all the local economy had been destroyed, and then offered the residents of Puerto Rico a historical lie to keep them subordinated, it is the obligation of the federal Government and the American People to set up a process of true decolonization for Puerto Rico that will lead to full national sovereignty for Puerto Rico. This is not an act, but a process that will restore to PR the National Sovereignty and economic and political tools that were taken away from us so that we may continue on our path toward our own collective destiny.

Certainly, The United States do have national interests in Puerto Rico. Their military have invested heavily in PR:  First in visible and fundamental naval and military installations that were, at a given time, essential to national  defense.   Most of those are gone, and yet the secret installations deep down under water are still there.  Growing; and so vital to the United States survival  that some would place them above and before the well being of those   living on the surface of the Puerto Rico islands.

So, those national interests have to be taken into account.  A process of transition, a Road Map toward PR National Sovereignty must be develop, that will take into account the various, and often contradictory interests of all those concerned, including the American People, The America military, and the special interests, economic and otherwise, built upon the secret installations.

That can be done. But the first step is to recognize that Puerto Rico is not a mere territory populated by American citizens, but a nation on her own, on our own, with a right and an obligation to become a free, Sovereignty and Independent Nation: Free and Sovereign to pursue and fulfill  our own destiny, among the nations of the world.

Sooner or later that will happen.  It remains to be seen if it will happen with the support of the United States, or against it. The United States certainly has become the most powerful empire the world has ever seen. Yet against the will of the Cosmos, that empire is like the grass on the field. And just as easy  can be swept away.... Please Uncle Sam, never forget that. As the Almighty once told the Pharaoh of Egypt.  Let my people go. To fulfill their destiny.  You will be glad you did. You will be gone if you don't.  God himself will take care of that.

lunes, 18 de julio de 2016

La Bandera Negra y Blanca de Puerto Rico; Puerto Rico's Black and White Flag

Simplemente propongo que hasta que Puerto Rico sea libre y soberano, todo movimiento politco que crea en la soberania de Puerto Rico adopte la bandera negra y blanca como la bandera de Puerto Rico, en demostracion de rechazo a la politica imperialista de Estados Unidos con respecto a Puerto Rico.

Y que cuando alcancemos la soberania, ENTONCES escojamos una nueva bandera, que verdaderamente refleje nuestra identidad nacional, y no sea un reflejo o derivado de la estadounidense.

Till PR becomes a free and sovereign Country, please let us adopt the Black and White Flag as our national flag.