Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Please, Pray for Efrain, and Raschke Too!

PLEASE. Pray for Efrain, that God will give him strength to overcome this moment. And to seek refuge in God, in humility, in prayer, In fasting; that God may disclose to him any hidden sin or imperfection in his Christian life, or ministry, and that under the guidance of the Holy Spirit those flaws will be corrected.

Please postponed judgment on him. There are things that need to be worked out. In real life things are not as simple and straightforward as the Books on Systematic Theology, back in the seminary would suggest. Raschke has a family. A younger woman who loves him dearly, a beautiful son about 6 years old, I think he is. Two adult daughter from his first marriage. There are thousands of people who see him as "The man of God for our times". So, to cut him away in a sudden way would be to hurt them, the little ones, just too much too soon. I pray that God will not cut him away but restore him.


Today Raschke  had a choice to make. And he made it. He had a message that have been the same for a long time. In summary, if the Governor is from his political party, he would preach a message of support. "God is the one who sets and takes away kings. So if this man was elected, is because he is chosen by God to lead this country. We most pray for him that God will give him wisdom and strength to lead us to a better future."

 Yet if the Governor is from the opposite party he will go 100 percent against him. Quoting the Bible out of context to support his political agenda. Demonizing him. Character assassination at its best.  Presenting delusional arguments as facts. And then, he would ask his followers to vote in the next elections for the best candidates who support the Church [and the Christian agenda as defined by Raschke, of course]. I was hoping he would change that. But he did not.
 Today early in the morning I tune in, on the tunein application on my tablet, to the Clamor A Dios radio station. It was a festive environment, mimicking the secular morning programs.  I did not like it. So I turned it off. I was thinking then to tunein latter on to hear Raschke preach. I have prayed to God that Raschke would be given a second chance, to change for good. But later I felt moved by the Spirit not to tune in. 

Just a few hours ago I came, on the internet, upon a Local Newspaper summary of the event. The way the secular reporter wrote, it would seems Raschke have keep the same message but was gentler in his delivery. Based on that summary I wrote a small reply. Hoping that indeed Raschke was changing.

Then about an hour ago, I finally went to Youtube to hear the message Raschke preached today. Knowing from the newspaper summary what he had preached about, I wanted to get a feeling for his mood and style. Honestly: worst that ever.  He keeps mixing his own political views and party affiliation with the message. Insinuating that the People should turn against the present Puerto Rico Government Administration in a violent way. No he did not say that. But insinuated it. Which is worst. 

The same old routine. Gives all the arguments that lead to a logical conclusion, but leave the conclusion out. So that it would take a while for everything to come together in the mind of the listener, and then, perhaps a few hours, perhaps a few days latter, the listener would come to the conclusion that the preacher wanted, but then it would seem that the listener came to that conclusion by him or herself. Pure manipulation. Not the way a preacher should preach.

He had done the same thing last December, saying then that God had shown him that there was a plot to kill the Governor, but following that with a diatribe against the Governor, basically justifying those that would want to kill  him. The subtle psychology was simple: We Christians cannot do it, but it would be justified  to do it... so if you are not a Christians but just a sympathizer... here is a way to help the Church.... I was disgusted then. And I am disgusted now. The same politician using the Bible to push his political agenda, from the pulpit. The same arguments he used then, he repeated now.

And that in the first few minutes of his message.  I could  take it no more. So I stop the video. From the newspaper I knew what he would be talking about next.

[Yet In his words I found something else.] Please pray for Raschke. Sometimes I get offended by some of the things he says and how he says them. Yet he loves the Lord, and has worked his entire life for him. [But I saw something in his words, that tells me that he is getting too close to something dangerous for him.] I don't what him to fall in a bad way. To fall into something that would discredit and bring even more pain to his children and his present wife. Better would be if the Lord retires him in a gentle way. At 71 a life of quietude, raising his son and supporting newer ministers in the Lord. Away from the limelight and the pulpit. With his virtues and flaws, he has served the Lord an entire life.  I would not like him to go down in judgement, the pain on his children, his wife, his relatives and those who still support him would be too great. Please pray for him.

Please, pray for them. Please pray for us.... all. Amen.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Please Pray for Raschke

Earlier today, I took a walk, went to a close-by bank to pay some bills. In my way there and back God gave me understanding about something. We must not think that God will have to physically kill Raschke   on September 1st in order to satisfy Efrain Rodriguez judgement on him.  When God warns somebody about an impending judgment is not because God wants to condemn that person, but that God want that persons to mend his ways. If that persons does, or does not: That is not for us to determined.  I pray and hope that Raschke will, and his ministry will be extended for a long, long time.

On  September 1st, First Monday of September, Labor Day in the USA, Raschke preaches on the "Dia de Clamor" rally he has been leading in San Juan PR, on front of the Capitol building, for the last 41 years.  Consistently that has been the largest annual event in PR. A show stopper in local politics and religion. A platform God gave him....

 For a long time Raschke was seen as the Prophet of God, the man God used to speak to the Puerto Rican nation, to the Puerto Rican people, to warn us about good and bad things. But for the last 16 years, his personal and ministerial life have been plague with conflicts and questionable actions.

Many of those who supported him at the beginning, no longer do. Many individuals have called him to change, but  he has not. About 4 years ago Efrain sent Raschke copy of his prophetic message. Raschke did not respond to him personally, one way or another, but started preaching against him, badmouthing him thru his radio station and elsewhere.  Efrain felt that in so doing Raschke was disregarding a message that came directly from the Holy Spirit. This went on for years, till on this summer the message of judgment against Raschke was declared.

We are all humans, and perhaps Efrain proclaimed this judgment on the heat of the moment, on his own, defending his own ministry and prophetic message. Since then, I have no doubt that thousands of us have prayed to God that God will protect Raschke and no harm will come to him. Yet with his way of preaching, he has hurt many people, dearly. No one should want to see a man of God  fall from grace. But neither do we want to see the little ones, hurt by a man of God who is misusing the ministry  and the platform God himself gave him.

So I do believe and hope that God has extended his love and mercy to Raschke, giving him one more chance to mend his ways. If on September 1st, he preaches the message God want him to preach, his ministry will be extended with the full anointment of God. But If he chooses to preach as he has been doing for years, and perhaps harder, disregarding the warnings God has given him for so long.  Then the Presence of God, the anointment will depart from his ministry, and it will just whither away.

He has been measured, he has been weighted and have been found faulty. Yet he has been giving one more opportunity to mend his ways. Thanks God for that. I pray  that he will. Let us all pray to God that he will. Amen.

As far as Efrain Rodriguez  is concerned, I do believe he received a prophetic message to share with us. His delivery of that message has not been perfect. He speaks for too long, and add and speculate on things that are not part of the prophecy itself. He is not perfect. He is just a local church member, who retired from his job for health reasons, and yet God put him in a 24/7 schedule preaching a highly controversial message, for the last 4 years, for free. If his prophecy happens as he preaches it, many people will seek him and  worship him as a god. If it does not happens within the time-frame Efrain has given, before the end of this year, 2014, then many more will hate him. 

Thus I see and can understand that once his prophetic ministry finishes God may take him away: So that we will focus on the message and not on the messenger.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Hablando de Pablo y de los Apostoles y Profetas que Hoy lo Imitan: Tantas cosas buenas que hizo Saulo y estos solo copian sus errores

Los teologos y ministros cristianos que defienden la sana doctrina se complican la vida para mantener el status quo y evadir los errores historicos de la Iglesia Cristiana.  En cuanto a Pablo y a los muchos autoproclamados apostoles que hoy dia proliferan por ahi: Simple y llanamente para ser APOSTOL, en el sentido de ser uno de los doce y/o tener la autoridad maxima que Jesus le concedio a esos doce,  para eso era y sigue siendo requisito haber compartido con Jesus durante su ministerio en la tierra, haber sido discipulo de Jesus, y testigo  de su muerte, resurrecion y ascencion. Pablo no cumplia  con ninguno de estos requisitos. Por tanto Pablo no era un apostol en el sentido de ser uno de los Doce o tener autoridad equivalente a la de ellos.  Tampoco lo son los autoproclamados Apostoles de hoy dia. Tan sencillo y transformador como todo eso.

Pablo fue un cristiano que fue llamado por Dios al ministerio misionero. La palabra apostol tenia un sentido y uso especial y especifico en el caso de los Doce Apostoles, y un sentido y uso generico en el caso de los creyentes que eran enviados al campo misionero como representantes autorizados de la Iglesia para predicar, abrir iglesias y pastorearlas hasta el punto que pudieran valerse por si mismas dentro del cuerpo de Cristo. De estos apostoles-misioneros comisionados por la Iglesia, de esos habian muchos, Pablo fue uno de ellos.

La diferencia con Pablo es que el se envanecio hasta llegar a reclamar e insinuar astutamente que el, Pablo, era mas grande que los Doce Apostoles juntos, y que habia sido escogido por Dios aun antes de su nacimiento, para revelarle al mundo una verdad, un entendimiento de Dios inclusive mayor que el que Jesus mismo habia enseñado durante su ministerio terrenal. Pablo insinuaba que Jesus habia predicado bajo el manto y las limitaciones de la Ley, pero que habiendo sido removido ese manto entonces Dios le uso a el, Pablo, para revelar una verdad mucho mas profunda y gloriosa. Con esto Pablo llego a insinuar que el estaba al mismo nivel que  Jesus, e inclusive on poquito mas alto que el maestro de Galilea.

La caracteristica central de Pablo fue que durante la mayor parte de su vida se nego rotundamente a someterse a la autoridad de los Doce. Jesucristo se lo advirtio desde un principio, que dejase de dar coces contra el aguijon; es decir, que dejase de oponerse a la autoridad de los Doce Apostoles y la Iglesia por ellos dirigida. Por insistir en su rebeldia contra la autoridad apostolica fue que Pablo tuvo tanto sufrimiento y pesares en su vida.

Siendo esto asi, cabe preguntarnos porque Dios permitio que los escritos de Pablo quedasen incluidos en el Canoon de la Biblia. Resulta que en la Iglesia Apostolica habian tres grupos o sectores ideologicos claramente definidos. Por un lado estaban los judaizantes que alegaban que el Torah de Moises seguia siendo la Ley Suprema y que la vida y obra de Jesus y su mensaje habia que interpretarlo a la luz del Torah, y lo que no se pudiese reconciliar con el Torah, habia que descartarlo. Por otro lado estaba el sector liberal, identificado con las ideas de la teologia judia progresista, que queria romper absoutamente con el Torah de Moises. Pablo fue el mas grande representante de este sector.

En medio de estos dos sectores pero elevado por encima de ellos estaba la Iglesia de los Apostoles que habian sido educados en el mensaje trascendental de Jesus basado en la supremacia del amor de Dios por sobre la Ley de Moises. Dios ama a todos por igual e infinitamente y esta dispuesto ha hacer hasta el sacrificio mas grande por amor a cada uno de ellos. Asi mismo tenemos que amar nosotros a TODOS, aun a nuestros enemigos.  Es desde este punto de vista que se TIENE que interpretar la ley y los profetas. El otro punto central del mensaje de los doce era la divinidad de Jesus que lo ponia como la autoridad maxima, por encima de la Ley y los profetas. Por tanto en vez de estudiar la vida de Jesus a la luz de la Ley, lo que procede es estudiar y evaluar la ley y los profetas a la luz de las enseñanzas de Jesus.

Dios permitio que los tres puntos de vista (Judainzantes , Discipulos directos de Jesus, y Progresistas, al estilo de Pablo y su maestro judio, Gamaliel) quedasen incluidos en el cannon de la Biblia para que asi, tanto los de un extremo como los del otro pudiesen hacercarse a la Iglesia y que una vez alli quedasen expuestos al mensaje central y superior de la Divinidad de Jesus y  la Supremacia del Amor de Dios proyectado por Dios a nosotros y fluyendo a traves de nosotros a todos, creyentos y no creyentes.  De esta forma el mensaje central de Jesus siempre ha estado presente en la Iglesia, aun cuando unos u otros se apeguen  a uno u otro extremo teologico.

Ahora bien, si Dios fuese a esperar que fuesemos perfectos en entendimiento y conocimiento de la verdad para usarnos... todavia estaria esperando. Dios nos usa tal y como somos, siempre y cuando aceptemos el amor de Dios manifestado en Jesus y estemos dispuestos a que ese mismo amor fluya por nosotros hacia los demas.  Obviamente que permitir que ese amor fluya por nosotros nos conducira a querer aprender mas de Dios y a servir mas y mejor a los demas, estableciendo asi, un proceso continuo de crecimiento y perfeccionamiento en la fe.

Pero, como dije anteriormente, si Dios fuese a esperar que llegasemos a la perfeccion para usarnos, todavia estaria esperando. Pablo no fue perfecto. Su arrogancia teologica y su resistencia a someterse a la autoridad apostolica de los Doce, ese fue su gran error, su gran debilidad. Si cualquiera de nosotros hubiese estado en una posicion de autoridad en el cielo, quiza hubiesemos enviado un rayo para que lo rostizara en medio de una de sus alocuciones egocentradas. 

Gracias a Dios que no teniamos ni tenemos la autoridad para tomar esas decisiones. Nosotros conocemos en parte, Dios conoce hasta lo mas profundo de nuestro ser. Pablo tenia su lado flojo, pero a pesar de eso, y de haberse negado a  recibir de los Apostoles el mensaje y la instruccion precisa sobre como aplicar la doctrina del amor de Dios fluyendo a traves de nostros, a todos los aspectos de nuestro diario vivir. A pesar de todo esto Dios mismo llamo a Pablo y en su dia lo envio al campo misionero.  Lo mismo Dios ha hecho con millones de creyentes a traves de los siglos, que a pesar de sus defectos y limitaciones los ha llamado a servirle.

Pablo escribio muchas cartas donde revela su corazon, sus razonamientos y desvarios teologicos, sus conflictos emocionales, sus multiples defectos, pero tambien el gran amor que tenia por las almas y por la obra misionera. Esas cartas no son palabra de Dios, sino un retrato vivo de la forma de pensar de un ser humano que con virtudes y defectos fue llamado por Dios al ministero. Si las tomamos asi, son fuente de ejemplo, advertencia e inspiracion para toda la Iglesia.

El grave error de la Iglesia no esta pues en que los escritos de Pablo hayan sido incluidos en el cannon biblico, sino en que nos hemos empeñado en tomar las cartas de Pablo como palabra directa de Dios, y las hemos constituido en el fundamento mismo de la Iglesia. Ese es el gran error. El fundamento tiene que ser la doctrina de los Doce apostoles tal y como Jesus se la enseño y eventualmente fue  recopilada en los evangelios. Es en base a esos evangelios que tenemos que fundamentar nuestra fe, nuestra doctrina, nuestra vida misma.

Partiendo entonces de ese fundamento solido que es nuestro Señor Jesus y su doctrina, es que podemos entonces evaluar el mensaje, la vida y las ideas de Pablo, separando el grano de la paja, aprovechando lo bueno y descartando lo malo. Lo mismo con el libro de los Hechos y los demas escritos neotestamentarios. Si asi lo hacemos obtendremos una imagen clara de la dinamica que existia dentro de la Iglesia apostolica, de sus dificultades, conflictos, exitos y fracasos.  Ese conocimiento, esa data, analizada a la luz de la doctrina de Jesus y con la guianza del Espiritu Santo,  nos prepara para enfrentar situaciones similares y evitar los desaciertos que tuvo la Iglesia Apostolica. Para eso es que esos escritos estan ahi, para que aprendamos de los exitos y fracasos de la Iglesia Apostolica. Pero eso solo se puede hacer cuando fundamentamos nuestra doctrina en las enseñanzas directas de Jesus y entonces evaluamos todo lo demas a la luz de esa doctrina.

Pablo en mi humilde opinion teologica ni fue un hijo del Diablo y  apostol satanico, como anuncian algunos musulmanes, judios y cristianos judaizantes; ni fue un apostol en el sentido de ser uno de los Doce o de tener autoridad equivalente a la de ellos, como afirma el cristianismo historico. Pablo fue un misionero llamado por Dios, comisionado por la Iglesia de Antioquia, que por un tiempo se inflo en su orgullo teologico y no quiso someterse a la autoridad apostolica. Aun asi Dios lo llamo, lo capacito, lo envio y lo uso en el campo misionero. Personalmente  creo que con el tiempo Pablo fue suavizando su posicion, y al partir de este mundo lo hizo con tranquilidad, confiado en el amor y la misericordia de Dios para con todos. Espero encontrarlo en el cielo.

Habiendo pues aclarado que Pablo no fue un apostol en el sentido de ser uno de los Doce, queda entonces meridianamente claro que para ser uno de los Doce es necesario haber sido discipulo de Jesus durante su ministerio terrenal y ser testigo con evidencia, es decir con testigos que pudieran confirmar ese hecho, de la muerte,  resurreccion y ascencion de Jesus. Cuando murio Judas, el que vendio a Jesus y luego se suicido, Matias fue escogido por los Once, bajo la guianza del Espritu Santo, para tomar su lugar. Matias fue el ultimo Apostol que se añadio al grupo de los doce.

Asi pues, hoy dia no hay apostoles en el sentido de ser personas que tengan ministerio y autoridad similar a la de los doce. Hay apostoles en el sentido de ser personas llamadas por Dios y comisionadas por la Iglesia para ir al campo misionero, como lo fue Pablo,  a predicar el evangelio y formar Iglesias que una vez hayan madurado tomaran el lugar que les corresponde dentro del cuerpo de Jesus; y el misionero que las fundo,  si quiere seguir siendo misionero, que salga de dichas iglesias y siga adelante en el campo misionero, predicando y formando mas Iglesias para gloria de Dios.

Este apostolado-misionero, es el unico ministero de Apostol que existe en la Iglesia hoy en dia. Este es un ministerio que no tiene autoridad sobre la Iglesia sino que esta subordinado a esta. Aun en las Iglesias fundadas por un misionero, una vez ellas llegan a su mayoria de edad, ellas le habran de responder a las autoridades eclesiasticas de la Iglesia en general, y por supuesto al Espiritu Santo, y no al misionero que las fundo. Claro esta que mientras el testimonio y la fe de dicho misionero este firme, en las Iglesias que el fundo siempre se le tendra un cariño especial, pero esto nunca debe ser entendido como que dicho misionero pueda tener una autoridad eclesiastica especial, como quiso reclamar Pablo sobre las Iglesias que el fundo.  

Ese apostolado humilde, sacrificado, y sin autoridad directa sobre la Iglesia, que hoy conocemos como misioneros, ese es el unico ministerio de Apostol que existe hoy dia, y ese no hay que restaurarlo, pues  ha existido continuamente desde los dias de la Iglesia Apostolica. A Dios sea la gloria por eso.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Llamado al Liderato Religioso de Puerto Rico para que asuman una poscion oficial con Respecto a la Profecia de Efrain

Durante los ultimos meses los predicadores en Puerto Rico han estado en ebullicion y conflicto. Raschke comenzo el año con un mensaje en contra del Gobernador de Puerto Rico, Alejandro Garcia y Padilla, acusandolo de ser un Gobernador insensible y de estar encontra del pueblo de Dios, y esto principalmente por la extension de ciertos derechos civiles a la comunidad lgbt.

Mas tarde el que es considerado por muchos un profeta de Dios, don Efrain Rodriguez, continuo proclamando su profecia de que un meteorito caera entre Mayaguez y la Isla de Amona, que al caer causara una explosion con las mismas caracteristicas de una explosion nuclear. Este impacto causara, segun dicha profecia , un terremoto que alcanzara el 12 en la escala Ritcher, y una ola, un maremoto enorme que sobrepasara los 500 pies de altura. Gran parte de Puerto Rico sera arropado por esta ola, por este marremoto que al igual que ocurrio con el que azoto Japon afecdtara a otros paises a muchas millas de distancia, pero en forma mucho mayor.

Raschke por su parte continuo haciendo expresiones en contra de Efrain, a quien considera un falso profeta, una persona emocional y mentalmente inestable.  En el verano, Efrain se sintio indignado y proclamo un mensaje profetico contra Raschke, advirtiendo y proclamando que Raschke no llegara al dia de Clamor por aberse burlado del mensaje de Dios. Tambien dijo y finalmente le puso una fecha limite a su profecia.  Proclamo que el impacto que dara origen a este cataclismo ocurrira en o antes del final de este año de 2014. Puede ocurrir en cualquier momento, de aqui a finales de este año.

La reaccion entre la poblacion en general y entre los cristianos que han criticado su profecia ha sido de ignorar la misma. De actuar como que no le creen. Efrain ha dado dos señales, que de cumplire pudieran cambiar eso.  Primero que Raschke no llegara al Dia de Clamor, que se celebra el dia del Trabajo en el primer lunes de septiembre. La segunda señal es un terremoto, en areas  cercanas a Puerto Rico, de 7 en la escala Ritcher, antes de que llegue el impacto del meteoro.

Asi que si Raschke no se muere, ni su ministerio queda afectado en forma alguna, si el dia de Clamor viene y se va, como de costumbre, pues Efrain quedara retratao como un falso profeta, tristemente, aunque en terminos generales no lo sea.

Pero si se da esa y la otra señal del terremoto de 7 en la escala Ritcher en las inmediaciones de Puerto Rico. Pues entonces creo que Raymundo y to el mundo tendran a Efrain como profeta, y prestaran atencion generalizada a su profecia.

Lo que mas me preocupa sobre este asunto es que Efrain es pentecostal, miembro activo de una Iglesia Pentecostal, no de las nuevas sino de las tradicionales que sigue la sana doctrina, como le llaman los cristianos. Asi mismo Raschke. Entonces, como es posible que se haya permitido que este conflicto haya surgido y continue creciendo? Unas Iglesias Pentecostales y/o Cristianas invitan a Efrain para que les hable sobre su profecia. Este va, predica y los miembros de dichas Iglesias lo escuchan y se comprometen 100 por ciento con el mismo. Por otro lado Raschke va a otras Iglesias y es recibido con regocijo, y habla y critica a los falsos profetas, incluyendo a Efrain, y tambien es recibido y apoyado por la Iglesia. Dos mensajes distintos y contradictorios dentro del pueblo evangelico.

Y nadie se levanta para poner orden en la casa. Donde esta la Fraternidad Pentecostal? Donde estan las emisoras de radio Cristianas? Donde estan los seminarios, y las jerarquias religionas en terminos generales?

Les propongo que convoquen a ambos predicadores, a Raschke y a Efrain a un retiro espiritual en ayuno y oracion, donde ambos tengan la oportunidad de hablar y argumentar sus posiciones. Y que luego, se busque una reconciliacion entre ellos. Si no se puede, pues que los ministros alli reunidos asuman su responsabilidad y hagan publica su posicion al respecto.

En estos momentos si la profecia de Efrain no se cumple, la fe de miles de personas en Puerto Rico y en todo el mundo quedara destruida, pues ellos han creido que Efrain es profeta de Dios. Y si su profecia se cumple, el desastre sera grande pues ni la Iglesia ni la sociedad, en terminos generales, ha creido a su mensaje y se ha preparado para enfrentar dicha situacion. Y el liderato religioso, bien muchas gracias, sin asumir una posicion oficial al respecto.

Friday, June 20, 2014

La Peligrosidad de los Pitbul, El derecho a Defenderse de los Humanos, y la Responsabilidad de los Amos

Los pitbul son una raza de perros que fueron criados (breed) por siglos para enfatizar dos caracteristicas hasta cierto punto contradictorias. Por un lado se enfatizo que sean obedientes a sus amos, por otro lado se enfatizo que ataquen rapidamente y ataquen a matar. Esto los hacen sumamente peligrosos, pues aun cuando puedan ser los animales mas dociles y cariñosos del mundo, si en un momento dado te atacan, te van a tratar de matar. Y en eso ellos son sumanente rapidos y efectivos.

 En tiempos modernos ya los pitbuls  no son criados especificamente para enfatizar su ataque mortal, pero ya esa caracteristica es parte de su arsenal instintivo, aunque  se ha vuelto incierto cuando habran de reaccionar de esa forma y cuando no. He ahi el peligro. Son un animal con la capacidad fisica, con la habilidad y el instnto de atacar a matar. Pero no es claro y preciso cuando habran de hacerlo.

Ante esta incertidumbre, si un pitbul ataca, la  reaccion logica, racional e instintiva de cualquier ser humano DEBE SER no solo la de defenderse, sino la  de  matar al animal antes de que el animal pueda matarlo a el.  Esa es la reaccion logica e instintiva. Tirar a matar ante un ataque potencialmente mortal.

Ante cualquier ataque, la primera reaccion, la reaccion inmediata, espontanea es la instintiva. El sentido de defender la vida propia toma control en forma inmediata hasta que el peligro inmediato se reduce y la mente, los valores, etc, pueden retormar control de las acciones del individuo.

Asi pues cuando un ser humano es acusado de matar o abusar de un pitbul es necesario analizar si el individuo actuo en forma instintiva al ser atacado por un pitbul o si actuo por abuso, venganza u odio hacia ese animal o raza. Si el pitbul ataco primero, entonces la reaccion  logica, racional e instintiva  es  matar al animal antes de que el animal pueda matarlo a uno. Por reaccionar asi el ser humano no debe ser castigado pues actuo en defensa propia ante un ataque potencialmente mortal. Pero si fue el humano el que sin necesidad y sin enfrentarse a un peligro potencialmente mortal, actuo fria  y calculadamente, entonces debe ser encontrado culpable de abuso y maltrato contra un animal, con agravantes.

Aun si fuese asi, el castigo debe ser sazonado con logica y sentido comun. Se han dado casos donde por agredir a un pitbul un ser humano ha sido condenado a mas de diez años de carcel, mientras que en otros casos por causar la muerte de un ser humano, la persona apenas ha cumplido un año de carcel.. Una guia sencilla creo que debiera aplicar en estos casos. En caso de que la persona sea agredida en una agresion potencialmente mortal, ya sea por otro ser humano o por un animal, el individuo, en su reaccion inmediata e instintiva, tiene el derecho natural a reaccionar con la fuerza y la violencia necesaria para defender la vida propia hasta el punto de matar al agresor.

En caso de que un ser humano ataque y mate a otro ser viviente, sin que medie la defensa instintiva e inmediata de la vida propia, entonces en caso de haber matado a un animal la pena nunca debe ser mayor de 2 años de carcel, y en caso de la victima ser un ser humano nunca sera menor de 4 años de carcel.  Esto es necesario para establecer la mayor importancia de la vida humano sobre la vida animal.

Y volviendo a los pitbuls, los mismos no son animales salvajes, pero su dicotomia instintiva de por un lado ser obedientes y sumisos a sus amos, y por otro lado atacar instintivamente con violencia maxima buscando matar al enemigo, eso los hace SUMAMENTE PELIGROSOS, pues pueden pasar toda una vida siendo la mascota mas tierna y dulce y en un momento dado reaccionar violentamente y matar a cualquiera, incluyendo en casos extremos, a su propio amo o a algun familiar cercano a quien, bajo condiciones normales, el animal hubiese  respetado y obedecido.

Ante esta realidad el Estado debe regular estrictamente la posesion de estos animales. Por un lado, sus amos deben ser educados sobre este peligro para que sepan como reaccionar y tengan a la mano las herramientas para defenderse adecuadamente en caso de que su pitbul los ataque a ellos o a otra persona. Por otro lado debe hacerse claro que el amo de un pitbul es el principal responsable por las acciones de su animal.

Dos cosas deben quedar meridianamente claras. Si un pitbul ataca a un ser humano dicha persona tiene el derecho natural a, en su reaccion inmediata e instintiva, matar al animal de la forma que pueda y usando lo que tenga a la mano. Lo natural es que un ataque potencialmente mortal sea repelido con fuerza mortal.  Por otro lado tambien debe quedar meridianamente claro que el amo de un pitbul es responsable de las accions de su animal. Asi pues si un pitbul ataque lastima o mata a otro animal o persona, su amo sera el responsable directo de los actos de su mascota. Si el animal mata a otro animal, que el amo pague; y si el pitubul agrede a un ser humano, en un ataque potencialmente mortal, pues que el amo, ademas de pagar gastos, tambien sea acusado de agresion agravada y/o intento de asesinato.

Nadie esta obligado a tener un pitbul, pero ante la peligrosidad potencial de estos animales, el que los tenga que asuma la responsabilidad y las consecuencias de tenerlos.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Original God Given Holy Script, Character set, could be the key to better understand the Bible

Something very important about the Ark of the Covenant are the stones tablets where God Himself wrote the ten commandments. In what language and using what character set did he wrote them? It certainly was not the Square Aramaic Script the Jews borrowed from Babylon, over a thousands years latter, and adopted as their own....

It could have been the Old Hebrew/Phoenician Script used and spread by the Phoenicians a few decades after the Israeli invasion of the land of Canaan.

But who knows, perhaps it was another one. Perhaps God, in the Tablets of the Law gave them a Symbolic-Phonetic Script, and the Jews, for fear of blaspheming God or misusing The Divine Script, replaced it, for daily use, with a simpler one, The so called Old Script used by Jews and Phoenicians alike.

Perhaps that's why many biblical passages seem difficult to understand. The Original Script was replaced by a different one, and while most of the phonetic meanings remain the same, the original God given script also had symbolic meanings and interconnections that were lost when it was replaced with the Old Hebrew Script. In time, after the Babylonian captivity the Jews replaced the Old Hebrew Script with the Square Aramaic Script used in Babylon. Ever since, that Square script has become the official Script used by the Jews to write both, Hebrew and Aramaic, their two main theological languages.All present and historical copies of the Hebrew Scriptures now available are written using the Square Script.

Yet many passages remain obscure or difficult to understand. Perhaps a way to better understand those passages  would be to find the tablets of the law written by God, re-learn that original Script given by  Him and replace the Square Hebrew/Aramaic script with the original one.  I would expect that using the original script a deeper understanding of many biblical passages will emerge.

Could we still find or identify that God Given Original Script, Characters set?  A clue may be found in the Book of Daniel where God once again wrote with his finger on the wall, this time a message of Judgment against the king of Babylon.  Curiously the learned men in Babylon, the capital of the World, or at least the Middle East Part of the world at that time, those learned men could NOT READ what was written. If it would have been written in the Square Script or even in the Old Hebrew script there would have been individuals capable of READING it. But none was found. This suggest that God wrote on the wall using a Script other than the Square or old Hebrew Script.

  Yet Daniel was able to read the characters (he recognized them) and then he gave their interpretation.  But before interpreting them, there is the fact that he did recognize the Script God used to write on the wall.... Perhaps that was the same script used on the Ten Commandments Stone tablets..... It would make sense that God will used the same Script.... And it would make sense that even though the Jews would not use the Original Divine Script in their daily affairs, or permanently record it on stone or paper, perhaps they did teach a selected group to read and write it, using something as simple as sand boxes, where they would write... and erase what they wrote so that no permanent record of that writing would be found.

Now, from a Christian perspective Jesus is Jehovah, incarnated. And in the case of the woman that was accused of adultery, Jesus in protecting her wrote on the sand. The bible does not say what he wrote. As he wrote, first the elders and then the younger accusers drop the stones they were going to stoned her with, and left... Could it have been that he wrote in the same ancient, Original Script he, JEHOVAH himself, had given Moses over 2000 years before? Could the public use of that Holy Script have impacted the elders so much that they left in awe. Could that be the reason why nobody recorded what he said, but only the fact the he did wrote in the sand....

Three different times God wrote with his finger: First when he wrote the Tablets of the Law that he gave to Moses; then when he wrote on the Wall of the Palace in Babylon, a message of judgment against the king of Babylon; and finally, when he, Jehovah incarnated, wrote on the sand, before those who were ready to stone a woman to death.... In what language and using what Script did he wrote?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Obamacare, la marca de la Bestia y la verdadera identidad del Anticristo

Hace unos dias encontre en Youtube un video de un mensaje predicado por el evangelista Jorge Raschke en el cual habla sobre el plan de salud conocido como el obamacare; y aunque reconoce que el mismo tiene algunos puntos positivos, pasa entonces ha narrar como un empresario de la industria de la salud le explico el verdadero mal de dicho plan.

Segun dicho empresario el obamacare incluye un plan para realizar  unos implantes en la frente o en la mano derecha de los usuarios de un chip electronico microscopico, en el cual estaria todo el record medico, y en realidad toda la informacion que el gobierno tiene sobre esa persona. Este microchip, tendria un sistema de posisionamiento global, GPS, por sus siglas en ingles mediante el cual el gobierno podria saber y registrar todos los movimientos de la persona.

Este sistema seria ideal para que se cumpla la profecia sobre la marca de la bestia de que habla el libro de revelacion. Obama, no es el anticristo, pero esta allanando el camino para que llegue el anticristo....

Honestamente creo que Jorge Raschke esta hablando de buena fe... pero las especulaciones de ese "empresario" que el menciona estan en la zona de la ciencia ficcion religiosa que tanto caracteriza a ciertos grupos en la derecha politica de los Estados Unidos.

Algo como lo que alega ese empresario todavia esta cuando menos una decada en el futuro. Y su implementacion a nivel mundial aun mas.  Si fuesemos a rechazar todo aquello que el anticristo pudiese usar en un futuro especulativo, pues entonces tendriamos que negar o rechazar la inmensa mayoria de los avances tecnologicos de las ultimas decadas.

El problema de Obama es que el es negro por fuera y blanco por dentro. Es decir que aunque es fisicamente negro, su mentalidad es la de la elite blanca que gobierna Estados Unidos, y esa elite esta subordinada a lo que Alex Jones, el famoso conspiracionista estadounidense,  llama los banqueros globalistas (con lo cual Alex quiere significar a un grupo especifico, pero si los menciona por su nombre real, pues lo sacan del aire, o lo matan, dependiendo de lo que a ese grupo mas le convenga).

En cuanto al llamado Anticristo;  el termino Anti-Cristo no es el mas correcto. En el original arameo el termino es mucho mas preciso y significa Falso Mesias, falso ungido, falso salvador.... del judaismo. Ese falso mesias es la encarnacion de la rebelion judia en contra de Alahah, (Alajah en arameo, no Alá en arabe) el padre celestial.

Esa rebelion se caracteriza por querer disfrutar de las promesas divinas, de tener el reino y el poder que Dios le prometio a Israel, pero negando y rechazando el señorio y la existencia misma de Yehovah, el hijo de Alahah, rey y señor de Israel. Esa  rebelion se manifesto muchas veces en los dias de la antiguedad israelita, es decir en los dias del llamado Antiguo Testamento,  y desde un principio fue amplia y duramente condenada por los profetas de Dios.

En los dias de Jesus-Yeshua(hebreo)Esho(original arameo) ese mismo espiritu de rebelion en contra de Dios y negacion de su misma existencia estaba presente en los gerrilleros judios que querian restaurar el reino de Israel, pero sin aceptar al Mesias verdadero, quien no era otro que Yehovah mismo encarnado visiblemente en la persona de Jesus de Nazaret.

Los lideres religiosos y politicos de la epoca tuvieron que escoger entre seguir el mensaje de Jesus o la revolucion armada, violenta e inmisericorde representada por Barabas y los demas nacionalistas de aquel entonces.  Escogieron: demandaron que Jesus les fuese entregado para ser crucificado y reclamaron que Barabas fuese liberado.

Ese espiritu nacionalista que negaba a Dios y queria obtener la soberania y el reino sin aceptar al Rey, ese era el verdadero espiritu del anticristo, del falso mesias sobre el cual nos advirtieron los lideres de la Iglesia Apostolica en sus diferentes sectores.

Los lideres y el pueblo judio entregaron su destino en manos de esos nacionalistas ateos y violentos y ellos protagonizaron una de las revoluciones mas sangrientas e inmisericordes que registra la historia.  El imperio romano contesto con toda su fuerza, como lo hace todo aquel que esta luchando por su vida.  Luego de varios años de conflicto los romanos destruyeron a Jerusalen alrededor del año 70, y 70 años mas tarde finalmente pudieron aplastar la rebelion  de los nacionalistas judios quienes habian proclamado el Reino Soberano e Independiente de Israel bajo el liderato de Bar Kochah.

Pero ahi no termino el nacionlismo judio. En realidad la inmensa mayoria de los judios de aquel entonces no vivian en la tierra de Judea-palestina, sino mas al este en Mesopotamia y Persia, fuera del control y la influencia romana.  Desde los dias de Mardoqueo el asuto, los judios ejercian una enorme influencia sobre el  imperio Persa y desde alli, una y otra vez buscaron influir y destruir a Roma, maxime cuando esta eventualmente se convirtio en un imperio de orientacion cristiana.

Desde alla, los judios promovieron la rebelion de los arabes contra la influencia romana, y la creacion de la figura cuasi-legendaria de Mahoma y su ideologia religiosa. Desde alla, promovieron el surgimiento del Imperio de Kazaria, entre el mar Caspio y el mar Negro, y su conversion al judaismo (de donde vienen los llamados judios askenazi, que hoy dia forman la mayoria de los judios del mundo).

Desde alla trataron una y otra vez de influenciar al mundo cristiano para dividirlo y destruirlo. Y, finalmente cuando finalmente fueron expulsados de ese lugar, desde alla fue que trajeron su ocultismo ateo, su nacionlismo mistico a los paises de Europa con el cual contaminaron a los pueblos germanos y anglosajones.

Ironicamente, el Lider Aleman de los años 30 tenia razon cuando percibia a los judios como los portadores de una terrible plaga que amenazaba con destruir la humanidad. El problema es que esa plaga era el nacionalismo racista; la idea que mi raza y mi pueblo es superior a los demas y merece ejercer dominio sobre todo el mundo. La misma plaga que habia contaminado al pueblo aleman, y sobre la cual dicho lider se habia montado para alcanzar el poder en Alemania.

Si señores! el nazismo aleman, surgio como consecuencia de la contaminacion del espiritu nacional aleman con las ideas y con el espiritu rebelde y  ateo  del nacionalismo judio. Influencia que llego a Alemania a traves de los judios askenazi provenientes del Imperio de Kazaria.

Peor aun, el nacionalismo ateo, y ocultista del judaismo es mucho peor de lo que jamas fue el nacionalismo aleman. Aquel nacionalismo buscaba unificar el control aleman sobre el territorio que dicho pueblo habia poblado por siglos, y extentderse hacia el este, controlando lo que hoy seria Ukrania. El nacionalismo judio busca gobernar el mundo.

El nazismo fue como un espiritu extraño que poseyo al pueblo aleman por un poco de tiempo, casi causo su exterminio y los redujo a escombros, pero aun asi, fue el instrumento que Dios uso para detener la expansion de un mal mucho peor: El Comunismo Internacional encarnado en el Imperio Sovietico, creado, financiado y promovido por los mismos banqueros globalistas (el que lee entienda) que Alex Jones continuamente señala y condena como los verdaderos enemigos de la humanidad.

El nazismo fue un mal que exploto en Europa y detuvo en seco la expansion del comunismo internacional en dicho continente. Pero ya no existe, ya paso. El pueblo aleman expulso esa manera de pensar de su personalidad colectiva. Del mismo lo unico que queda es una reproduccion racista y distorsionada que los blancos pobres y temerosos del multiculturalismo abrazan como su tabla de salvacion. Una molestia sin poder real de afectar el mundo.

El nazismo, y hasta su Lider ya son historia, pero el mal que lo engendro es mucho mas antiguo y hoy dia esta mas fuerte que nunca. El nazismo murio, pero su padre Sionista sigue vivito y coleando.

Ese Sionismo es el  espiritu secular, nacionaista judio, que tanto daño ha ejercido desde los dias de Moises; ese es el espiritu del falso cristo del judaismo; del llamado anticristo del cristianismo. Su mas reciente encarnacion comenzo en el siglo 19, tomando la forma del movimiento Sionista Internacional, fundado y dirigido por nacionalistas ateos que aunque utilizan los simbolos y la historia biblica para buscar apoyo popular, en realidad son ateos que niegan la existencia del Dios de Isarel y basan su poder espiritual en la practica del ocultismo judio.

Ese ocultismo postula que Dios no existe. Que lo que existe son fuerzas espirituales que pueden y deben ser manipuladas siguiendo las leyes de la Kabalah, o magia negra judia. Un simbolo muy antiguo de esa manipulacion es el hexagrama o estrella de seis puntas. Usando el mismo en conjuncion con distintos conjuros y rituales ellos creen que pueden convocar y manipular esa fuerza espiritual y usarla para sus propios fines. Es por eso que desde su misma fundacion el movimiento sionista ha usado el hexagrama como su simbolo principal. Pero ante las masas lo han disfrazado con un nombre bonito con apariencia de piedad. Lo han llamado la estrella de David.

Esa mal llamada estrella de David es el simbolo, la marca de la rebelion judia en contra de Yehovah Dios, el hijo de Alahah, el Padre Celestial.

En palabras sencilas el Anticristo (falso mesias del judaismo) es el Estado Sionista de Israel, y la marca de la bestia es la estrella y bandera que ellos han escogido para representarlos.

Les pido encarecidamente a los judios-israelitas que renuevan esa estrella de su bandera: que dejen de apoyar el sionismo. Que busquen la paz con sus hermanos palestinos y arabes y promuevan la conversion del Estado Sionista en un verdadero estado democratico donde todos los hijos de esa tierra, judios, cristianos, musulmanes y hasta no religiosos puedan formar una patria comun.

Solo expulsando al espiritu sionista de rebelion contra Dios es que el Estado de Israel podra sobrevivir en paz y en armonia. Pero si insisten en abrazarse al espiritu Sionista, entonces ese espiritu tomara completo control de su pais y recreara el Imperio de la Bestia sobre la tierra. Perseguira y destruira primero a los musulmanes, luego y con todo el odio que lo caracteriza al cristianismo y finalmente se volcara en contra de la fe y la espiritualidad judia, buscando borrarla de sobre la faz de la tierra.

Solo Jehova mismo, cuando descienda y pose su pie sobre el Monte de los Olivos, tal y como lo profetizo el profeta Zacarias podra deternerlo. Pero hasta entonces, seran millones y millones los que seran masacrados.

Como bien advirtio un profeta de la antiguedad israelita, la diaspora israelita entre las naciones habria de ser como un leon en medio de las ovejas: Devorando y destruyendo todo lo que encuentra a su paso.

Pero la solucion a ese mal no esta en querer erradicar, remover o deportar a los judios (como han tratado de hacer casi todos los paises donde esa diaspora se ha establecido)  sino en trabajar de la mano de Dios para librar a los judios del espiritu de rebeldia que los ha alejado de Dios y puesto bajo la influencia y la autoridad del enemigo de la humanidad.

La Iglesia de Cristo tiene el deber ministerial de predicarle el evangelio completo a los judios para que queden libres de las ataduras satanicas que los esclavizan. Esa es la unica forma de resolver el problema judio. De convertir a ese leon rapaz en un cordero. Esa maldicion en una bendicion.

Trabajemos pues para salvar a Israel, mediante el evangelio y la fe en Cristo, el verdadero Mesias del Judaismo. Pero no nos engañemos ni permitamos que el enemigo nos coja de tontos. Amar a Israel no es lo mismo que defender al Estado Sionista, sino todo lo contrario. El Estado Sionista es el falso mesias, el falso salvador del Judaismo. Es un engaño y una falsedad inspirada por el mismo Satanas ,que lo ha convertido en su instrumento principal para restaurar el imperio de la bestia antigua,que es el diablo y satanas, sobre la tierra.

Hagamosle frente a dicho estado, como lo estan haciendo judios ortodoxos del todo el mundo, como lo estan haciendo musulmanes piadosos alla en Israel. Como lo estan haciendo israelies  que dia a dia son testigos de los atropellos y abusos que dicho estado comete contra todo aquel que se atreva a enfrentarlo. Hagamosle frente, no con armas, violencia u odio, sino con el mensaje y con el amor de Dios, con el evangelio de Jesus el verdadero Mesias, el verdadero Salvador de israel.

Que asi nos ayude Dios.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

About the GAO Report on PR Statehood Cost and its consecuences

The GAO, General Accounting Office, of the United States Federal Government just released its report on the cost for the Federal Government of granting Federal Statehood to the nation of Puerto Rico, subordinated as she is,since 1898,  to the will and whims of The United States Congress under the territorial clause of the Federal Constitution.

Unfortunately, but as expected, this report limits itself to the cost of extending to Puerto Rico the full implementation of various, but not all, of  the welfare programs sponsored by the Federal Government. Other historical, linguistic, sociological, religious and otherwise transcendental consideration and facts are not taken into account.  Let's talk about them, but first, considering just  the financial cost of PR Statehood to the USA Treasury, we may highlight that:

Statehood for PR will bring, in the short run: more welfare and  less jobs, with many USA companies leaving Puerto Rico, and may we add, the United States as well. Thus Statehood may turn Puerto Rico into a magnet for poor Hispanics in the USA who want/need to live on welfare, but also want to enjoy the benefits of a Spanish speaking society and tropical weather; while many professional and working people in general would be force to leave PR in search of jobs.

Under the present status quo most of the taxes paid in Puerto Rico go to the "State", Government, while under Statehood they will go to the federal Government. How then in hell would the state Government of Puerto Rico pay  the service on its debt, which is staggering and bound to grow over the next few years?

Thus, Statehood would turn Puerto Rico, instantaneously, into a bankrupt welfare paradise State where the Federal Government and the Continental States would be strongly tempted to throw (dump) their welfare bound poors, primarily those of Hispanic descent. How convenient to them. How terrible for us, in Puerto Rico.

What Puerto Rico needs from Washington is not more welfare but more sovereignty to deal with its own problems in ways that do apply to Puerto Rico; without the destructive influence of Washington know-it-all: ignorants of the social, historical and economic reality of Puerto Rico. So-called experts that in their imperialistic arrogance insist on implementing in PR solutions made for the USA continental reality and the ghettos there in, not for the society,nation and realty of Puerto Rico.

The present situation in Puerto Rico is difficult, but more welfare will only makes matters worse. Even more,  the real experts on Puerto Rico are not in Washington, but in Puerto Rico. Thus in PR what we really need is not more welfare or interference from Washington, but less. We need them to transfers to Puerto Rico the Sovereign rights and competences we need to design, develop and implement our own solutions to our own particular problems.

The transfer of Sovereign Rights to the nation of Puerto Rico can come in two ways. The sensible one would be to design and implement, in coordination with the authorities and experts in Puerto Rico, a step by step plan that will first transfer certain sovereign rights and competences to PR while removing the applicability in PR of a given set of Federal laws. The people of Puerto Rico will then have a grace period to implement new solutions based on this new reality. After that period, the federal transfers to PR would decrease a certain, predetermined amount or percentage; and a new set of Sovereign competencies would be transfer to PR, followed by another grace period. This cycle should be repeated as many times as needed.

This way in 10 to 20 years Puerto Rico would become a Free and Sovereign State.  A successful, Independent Nation-State with strong ties to the USA. Both nations will benefit from this process.  At the end of it the monetary transfers from the United States to Puerto Rico would be negligible, and the bonds of friendship and cooperation between both Sovereign Nations will be stronger than ever. The USA would have earned the respect of a New Democratic and Influential Member of the Latin American community of nations. An ally worth gold in the upcoming years when USA supremacy in the world would be a thing of the past.

The other way to transfer sovereignty to PR would be for the USA to relinquish its National Sovereignty over Puerto Rico in a sudden and final act (of Congress),  effectively kicking Puerto Rico out off and disconnecting PR from the Union. This will create a very difficult situation in PR, for many institutions needed for PR to function as a Free State has not develop completely, due to the present imperial>colonial relationship between the USA and Puerto Rico.

Furthermore under the havoc of sudden Independence, many Puerto Ricans (all of whom are American Citizens by right of birth) will relocate to the United States within a very short period of time, probably less than a years after  the arrival of the new Independent political reality.

The new Puerto Rico, With a much lower population (probably around 2 million people), will have no option but to renegotiate the service to its national debt of about 70 billions, mainly with USA based financial institutions, thus affecting their liquidity as well. A special period will have to be implemented where the salaries in Puerto Rico would have to be substantially lowered, perhaps to 70 to 50 percent of the minimum wage in the United States. Inevitably, Puerto Rico will have to seek new political Allies, the natural ones being her Caribbean Basin neighbors, primarily Cuba, Santo Domingo, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela. And among them, must likely than not, Cuba will come first for the friendship and loyalty between us have remain strong even if we are at polar opposites in the politico-ideological spectrum. The Dominican Republic is our next door brother/neighbor nation, Panama is vital for the importance of the Panama canal for commerce, Colombia and Venezuela for oil gas and energy would be essential.  All in all, the cooperation and assistance of all of them would be needed and strongly requested.

Thus, the dream of a Caribbean Federation, advanced by Eugenio Maria de Hostos in the 19th Century, would become more than an alternative an imperative need of a suddenly free and Sovereign Puerto Rico.   Also  major World Powers like China, Europe/Germany, and Russia, may then consider Puerto Rico as a viable alternative to establish a territorial footing in the middle of the Americas, not by turning Puerto Rico into a new colony, but by establishing close partnerships, in all possible fronts, with the Government of Puerto Rico.

Thus, a sudden expulsion of Puerto Rico from the United States will result in a terrible crisis for Puerto Rico that will reshape Puerto Rico into an alien Caribbean nation, closely associated with other world powers and willing to push a Caribbean and Latin America political, economical and sociological agenda, separate, independent, and antagonist to the United States.

Federal Statehood within the USA, as previously said, will result in a welfare state, ideal place to dump USA poors, mainly of Hispanic descent. Yet on that environment the Spiritual, collective, entity known as the Nation of Puerto Rico, will continue to grow and develop, once again in opposition to the Federal System that would be inevitable  bound to limit her development and growth.

Eventually, this nationalistic spirit, harbor and nurtured in Puerto Rico will inevitably spread, as a virus, to other states of the Union, fomenting the development of similar movements, collective, national spirits, in other States.

Short of nuking out PR, There is very little the Federal Government would be able to do to stop this development. Sure they could try a billions things, but once The Nation of Puerto Rico is accepted as a State of the Union, the replication of the Puerto Rican National Spirit in other States of the Union would be inevitable.  Like a virus this sentiment and conviction will spread and as a result of it, the Union will either change of explode.

On the positive side The Union may develop into a Federation of Sovereign Nation States where each State will have the natural national right to legally foster and protect its own NATIONALITY, up to, if necessary, seceding from the Union. Secession in other words will become a natural, legally accepted and codified right of each and every state; and the Federal Constitution would be amended to recognize and regulate the exercise of that right.

Under this new Federational model the final sovereignty and authority upon a given State will not be in Washington or in the Federal Court, but on the free will of the residents/nationals of that State express in a referendum.  If for example, they decide (in a properly conducted referendum) that a given federal law will not apply in their State, then that would be the final decision on the subject. No court of appeal, no higher authority will ever be set above the free will of the residents of a given State freely expressed in a referendum.  The most the federal Government would be able to do under such circumstances would be to expel the State from the Union, and this in accord with the new process of expulsion that must be set out  set in the new  Federal Constitution and approved by all the States of the Union.

If the residents of a given state were to decide to leave the Union altogether, then, they would have to follow a given process set out in the New Constitution of the Federation. A sensible way to formalize and ratify the will of the people would be the celebration of two consecutive referendums set apart by a predetermined period of time, (lets say two years)  where the Secessionist option would have to be ratify by more than 55 percent of the voters of the State as certified by the State electoral authorities. Only those voters who are nationals of that State (as recognized by international law) would be allowed to vote. This would be done to prevent the federal Government, having lost the 1st referendum, from flooding the State with residents from other States,  to dilute and nullify the free will of the people.

These changes and many more will be push by Puerto Rico, if it were to become a Federal State. Eventually, the Federal Constitution will have to change to accommodate the will for change that THE SECESSIONIST STATE of Puerto Rico will bring into the Union.  That WILL FOR CHANGE will force the Union to change or explode in the process.

Part of me would like to be optimistic and envision a new United States where true sovereignty would be bound to the will of the people at the state level. Where each and every State will be truly Sovereign, and where each and every nation, a sociological collective entity, existing or emerging inside the Union will have the space to grow, mature and obtain the natural sovereignty it needs to exist. Where my nation of Puerto Rico will have the room, space and sovereignty to grow, mature and fulfill her own destiny. Yet, pardon me if most of me is not that optimistic.

I do believe that if Puerto Rico were to become a Federal State of the Union, the Collective Entity known as the Nation of Puerto Rico will enter into a battle with the Collective Entity known as the Federal Government, Washington, or Uncle Sam, each one trying to overcome the other. Eventually only one will survive. The Nation of Puerto Rico will end up leaving the Union, or, most likely  be officially expelled from it, and the Union will have to remake itself under a new historical and ideological reality.

That's why I am opposed to Statehood. It is bad for Puerto Rico and bad for the Union.  A move toward Political Sovereignty for Puerto Rico, on the other hand,  would only benefit the Union if it is done thru a step by step process that takes into account and balance out the needs of the Union and the needs of Puerto Rico. Otherwise, if Puerto Rico is just declared independent, with no plan or transition worth mentioning, then PR will go thru a difficult and painful transition that (1) will send over a million Puerto Rico born US Citizens to the mainland in a very short period of time, (2) will foster an anti-American sentiment in PR that will move Puerto Rico to seek the formation of a Caribbean Union antagonistic to the United States and finally, (3) will open the door for other world power, most likely China, Russia or Europe/Germany to establish close relations with Puerto Rico, opening a door for them into what the United States has always consider its backyard: the Caribbean Basin.

So, Uncle Sam, if you would be humble and wise, please, make your decision on the destiny of Puerto Rico based on what is best for the Union, your own national interests,  and  Puerto Rico.  Choose to move Puerto Rico toward national sovereignty thru a careful, step by step process. Officially  discard Statehood as an option for Puerto Rico.  PR is a nation, a transcendental nation, and to incorporate a transcendental nation into a federational yet so-called indivisible, nation, like the United States, would only guaranteed a permanent conflict leading to the eventual dissolution of the Union .

To put it graphically, and pardon me if I sound crude: PR is a big, sharp, pointed, living, growing diamond covered with milk chocolate. You might be tempted to swallow it, but if you do, it will eventually find its way out; remaining a sharp, pointed, living, growing diamond.  Rain will wash away any blood and feces that may have stuck to us;  While you, dear uncle Sam: will be left behind to deal with the inner bleeding, bacterial and viral infections that would came as a result of your arrogant  imperial appetite.  If it comes down to that  don't blame us, for it.  You have been warned: Don't swallow us.

As a transcendental nation having a transcendental purpose to fulfill we will survive and come out to fulfill that transcendental purpose. If you try to stand in the middle and oppose our destiny as a free and sovereign nation, forces much greater than you (some of which you are fully aware of) will simply push you aside. Paraphrasing a former PR  Governor: Don't push us, uncle Sam, don't push us. Deep inside you, at the most secret level of your national security institutions, you do have an idea of what you will be pushing against, but believe you me, the one behind us  is even greater than that, much, much greater. God's Will, will be done. May He bless and guide you in your decision making process. Amen.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On the Anti-Christ or False Messiah of Judaism

In the Original Hebrew/Aramaic it is not the Anti-Christ but the False Christ: the false Messiah, the false Savior of Israel.  In Israel there has always been two tendencies: the Religious, pious trend, following the Mosaic Law and trusting God; and the secular, atheistic trend, that denies God and seeks to restored  the Israeli Kingdom, outside and against religion.  The false Christ, the False Messiah of Judaism is the conception of the Messiah that the secular atheistic Jews have follow since the days of Moses. In its present incarnation It is called Secular Zionism and its Messiah, its Savior is the Zionist Jewish State they are creating.

Secular Zionist Jews are not expecting a divine ordained Messiah, or even YeHoVaH God himself to descent from heaven to be their Saviour.  Their highest conception of God is that of an energy, like the force of the Star War movies, that they, the Secular Jewish Elite, know how to conjure and manipulate. In their ideology it is them, the Secular Zionist Jews, the ones that will save the Jewish people, and rule the world thru their creation, The Zionist State, that will become the physical incarnation of the Secular Zionist Ideology, and imperial ideals.

They have succeeded in creating their State.  Yet it is not perfectly Jewish and Zionist yet. Functioning in a real world, and feeding on people, primarily Jews who moved to Israel and their descendants, the Palestinian who remain in the land,  the Jewish community around the world and Christians who believe it to be a God given creation, the State of Israel does not yet incarnates perfectly the secular Zionist ideology.

For the time being that State has the appearance of conformity to religion and fear of God, but deep within, Zionism is an atheist ideology that hates religion, all religion but  primarily monotheistic religions like Islam, Christianity and most of them all, Judaism, which they blame for all the evils that the Jewish people has suffered over the ages.

For the time being the State of Israel functions as the Government of a given country where real people with good and bad traits strive to live, protect and govern themselves the best way they can. Yet Secular Zionism as an ideology and imperial philosophy continuous to grow and expand its grip upon mankind.

Inside and outside of Israel the great satan, [the collective, telepathic identity of the rebellious, Sheol-bound serpent people] thru the Ideology of  Atheist Zionism is consolidating its grip and mind control of powerful Jewish bankers, leaders and power brokers around the world.   It is becoming the ideology, the religion of the Jewish powerful elite around the Globe. Thru them It is taking control of the World.

 Once it does, It will reveal its true nature seeking to destroy all Monotheistic religions. To destroy  Islam, historical evidence (real or created: the effect will be the same) will be presented that will "prove" beyond any doubt who the original so called prophet  was and how it was transmuted into the religion and Prophet of Islam. The evidence will be so powerful and disgusting that the masses will depart from that religion. Deprived of their unifying religion the Arabs and Muslims  of the world will become like sheep lost in the wilderness... and the Zionist state will act like a Lion feeding among them.

 Against Christianity, Satan, acting thru its Zionist emissaries, will do what they have always done, instigate persecution and hatred,  seeking to completely eradicate Christ and its disciples from the face of the Earth.

At the end, when Satan thinks it has succeeded, it will raise against the Jewish/Israeli people themselves. The foreshadow of that occurred in WWII, when pious Jews were persecuted and murdered by Communist/Zionist Jews within and without the Nazi prison system (and then blamed the Nazis for that); It is starting again against the Orthodox Jews in Israel; and it will gain full strength once Satan thinks that he Has finally overcome Christianity.

But then,  YeHoVah God himself will descend from heaven and set his feet upon the Mount of Olives as prophesied by Zechariah. Then the Jewish People, the Muslims, and any surviving Christians left in Israel, will acknowledge that He is their Savior and their God.  They will go up the Mountain to seek His protection...

 and then they will see his hands...

Then the Jewish/Israeli people will finally understand, repent and become the blessing God intended them to be from the very beginning. What a glorious day. The climax of the prophetic drama. How much I wish we could be there... to rejoice with them... yet there is work to do... and we must do it for that day to come.

The fullness of God's love as manifested in the life and sacrificial death of Jesus must be presented to them as  well as his commandment to love all as he has  loved us. That is the Full Gospel of Jesus. Not only that God love us, but that we, and all those who accept and receive that love, must pass it on, loving all as he has loved us.

Israel needs to receive that message, to feel that love. But that love to be honest must condemn their sins and call them to repentance just like the prophets of YeHoVaH did in the past, just like Jesus did during his earthly ministry and just like his disciples did during their close to 40 years ministry to Israel, just after His resurrection.

Some Jews will receive the message now, and become one with us. Must of them won't. Yet the seed will be planted in their minds and  hearts and when their day of big tribulation comes. When most Christians would have departed from this physical world. Some taken away in the rapture. Most killed during the persecution the Zionist Elite instigated against them. At the time of the Great tribulation of Jacob, when the Jewish State they created with sweat and tears turns against them... then  they will remember and return to the God of their Forefathers.

Then, The God of Love and Faithfulness that was preached to them, will come to their rescue...  YeHoVah Himself will set his feet upon the Mount of Olives to be their Lord, their Savior, their Ultimate Messiah! Ha leh lu YAH!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

About the Meteorite, Earthquake and Tsunami that will devastate Puerto Rico...

Required Disclaimer: the following, you may take it as a work of fiction dealing with the prophesied meteorite, earthquake and tsunami event that will affect Puerto Rico in the not distant future. You are not required or expected to believe it... End of Disclaimer

Important New Section added at the End
Please Read it!

Puerto Rico is on top of an underwater mountain chain, home of a huge underwater cavern system. Some so-called aliens, primarily Grays and reptilians, have live there for a long time. When the USA Government found evidence of that, they decided to take over the Island, back in the 1890's.  Since then they have been securing, under the control of Federal agencies, all land and water entrances to that cavern system.

At the end of WWII, the US Navy got all the secret UFO technology that the NAZI regime was developing in Germany.  They lead other to believe that they had taken the UFO prototypes to a secret base in the Antarctica, but in reality they took them to their facilities under Puerto Rico.

The UFO that crashed on Roswell, NM, came from under PR. It was one of the first prototypes build under the new USA development team....

In the late 40's the US Navy commence the development of Roosevelt Roads, their largest offshore Naval base. They also built a bombing range in the small island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. They use that base and the war bombing exercises conducted there, to finance and cover up the development of a huge underwater base linked to the huge cavern system under Puerto Rico.

Construction of that huge complex finished in the 90's and then the Navy engineered  an artificial crisis in the Roosevelt Roads-Vieques area to infuriate the civilian population against the Navy so that they, the Navy, would have an excuse to shutdown Roosevelt Roads.  It was no longer needed. Its primary purpose has not been to serve as a training and bombing range but to serve as a money source and cover up for the huge underwater/underground base being built at the other end of Puerto Rico.  Having completed that other base, Roosevelt Roads was no longer need. That's why it was shutdown.

Remember, that the huge underwater base emerged as a collaboration between the USA Government and the "aliens", primarily Grays, physically weak but mentally powerful, and reptilians who live under Puerto Rico.

Now, there is a prophecy going around, lead by prophet Efrain Rodriguez, google him for more details,  that a big ball of fire, many identify as a meteorite will cross Puerto Rico's sky, from Central North to South West,  From the town of Arecibo on the North to Mayaguez on the West, and enter the water of the Sea between the West Coast of Puerto Rico and the small Island of Amona. When it hits the water it will cause a huge underwater nuclear explosion and earthquake. The initial jolt  will go up to 12 in the Ritcher Scale, descending to a sustained earthquake of 8 to 9 in the Ritcher scale that will last for a much longer time span (up to several minutes) before it calms down. Something unique will happen then, there will be a combination of Tsunami, boom expansion and mist, raising to hundreds of feet and moving quite fast toward Puerto Rico.

This unique tsunami, expansion boom, water mist wall will cover most of Puerto Rico, and yet even in and near the coasts there will be survivors.  It will not be a solid wall of water as in conventional tsunami but a combination of microscopic water drops and  water vapor moving fast.... from a distance it will look like a conventional, but mile high, tsunami... in the midst of it it will feel like a a strong water wind and darkness moving in all directions and with a mind of its own.

Some people have identified the ball of fire crossing Puerto Rico as a "meteorite", but it as well might be perceived or understood as a missile.... the important fact is that it will be directed, intelligently directed,  not against Puerto Rico but against the underwater installations at the bottom of the sea, between Puerto Rico and the Amona Island.  The compact the US Government has made with the Grays will come to an end in a very dramatic and explosive fashion. I would advice the USA Government to terminate that covenant now, and dismantle that base, or face the consequences...

That base, however,  is not the only one that exists, but all of them will be destroyed by "meteorites", intelligently directed against them. If Uncle Sam chooses not to acknowledge their existence, the event will be classified as a calamity where the Earth was impacted, at random, by "meteorites", causing great destruction....

Most of the damage to Puerto Rico will come from the microscopic water drops tsunami that will engulf Puerto Rico. Against that, the best protection is faith and spiritual power that will create a shield around communities, and even individual houses, so that the destructive water mist  tsunami will not affect them. Thus when it comes, don't run in desperation but get home and pray.  Stay calm.  God wiling you will be spared from the hell that will follow.

Now, remember, you may take this as a fictional analysis, if you wish.  You are not asked to believe it. Just keep it in the back of your mind, get spiritually ready,  and went it comes, drop to your knees and pray, you might be spared, and go to be with the Lord...

... otherwise you will be protected from the devastation, survive and stay here, to deal with the aftermath of the destruction and all the prophetic events and responsibilities that will follow.


Efrain vision and prophecy starts with a "meteorite" crossing the sky of Puerto Rico about 2:00 am, while the Moon is shining in the sky, seemingly a full moon night.  Yet other believers have had dreams and visions about what would cause this meteorite shower.  From these  visions and dreams we may conclude that the  immediate cause of this meteorite event will be a change in the Moon.

 The Moon will   become electromagnetically active and overcharged with energy.  This could happened due to Tesla inspired, quantum physics justified, experiments realized by the United States,(under the invisible guidance of their gray/reptilians partners), by the electromagnetic influence of a Comet, by an energy discharge from the Sun or by a direct hit by a meteorite.... or  a combination of these events.

One way or another the Moon will be overcharge with energy, emitting its own reddish light. Eventually, withing months, weeks or days, there will be a huge explosion in the Moon, and fragments from that explosion would become the "meteorites" Efrain Rodriguez and others have seen in their  dreams and visions....

 This explosion and the previous electromagnetic activation of the Moon will cause the Moon to move toward a new  elliptical orbit around the earth: First moving away from the Earth, and latter on coming quite close to the Earth. Eventually the Moon will settle into a new orbit, farther away from the Earth, but it will take a few years before reaching that stability. Meanwhile the fluctuations in the moon's orbit  will strongly affect the seas and volcanic magma, causing many disasters all over the world....

Now, the electromagnetic activation of the Moon and its initial shining will be denied till it can be denied no longer... but the one event that no one will be able to deny will be the "meteorite" shower that will cause havoc all over the world, as seen in dreams and visions by Efrain Rodriguez and many others...

However, for those who give credence to Efrain Prophecy,  there would be another signal  that these events have started.  There will be a series of almost simultaneous 7.something earthquakes, one of them in the vecinity of Puerto Rico, taking place in many places on the Earth.  For the secular world this would only be a strange occurrence. For those who have followed this prophecy  this will be the one final warning that the time of change, that the one Event predicted by so many is finally here!

Just remember, the initial change in the Moon will be detected by very few and denied by many more....  the series of 7.something, almost simultaneous earthquakes may happened just before the initial Moon change, or a short time, months, weeks or days, afterwards.  This will be the final warning.... next thing will be the "meteor" shower.... with  one hitting just west of Puerto Rico, crossing the Island about 2:00 am, AST, local time, as prophesied by Efrain.

With regards to Efrain's dateline:  About evangelist Jorge Raschke. Raschke was one of the first preachers in Puerto Rico that had visions about the Earthquake/tsunami that would devastate the Island. Yet he no longer preaches that. He minimizes it and laughs at those who continue to preach it.

 Raschke celebrates kind of a National Day of Prayer and Mourning in PR, every first Monday of September. (Labor Day in the USA) He calls it "El Dia de Clamor a Dios". Efrain misunderstood the deadline set by God on Raschke. Rashcke was given one last chance to change the political, pro-statehood, pro New Progressive Party (The Statehood advocate political party in PR) message that he has been preaching, from the pulpit, for the last few years, and return to the prophetic message he preached a long time ago.  He refused to do that. With that decision his prophetic ministry ended, by his own choice. Now he will have to face the consequences. Just like the fig tree our Lord cursed. Not on his life or salvation, I certainly hope and pray for,  but certainly  on his ministry.

With regard to December 31, 2014.  The Church leadership in PR rejected Efrain's message. Laugh at him. Despised and discarded him and the prophetic message he and so many others have been preaching for so long. December 31st was not meant by God to be a deadline on the Meteorite Event, but on the Church leadership in PR.  Sadly they too made the wrong choice. God discarded them, and a new leadership will arise just before..  just after the event.

With regard to the old leadership,  God will deal with them individually.  Some will survive, others will die. Some will go to heaven to receive their reward for the many years they served the Lord.  Others, were never known by HIM, and will go into condemnation. God is just. God is love. God loves them more that anyone could. But as Puerto Rico and the world moves closer to the Event and the reality that will follow, that old leadership is no longer valid. They discarded the voice of God. God have put them aside, shelved them. And a new leadership will arise. Wiling to to the job the old leadership refused to do. God is love. God is Just. God is Sovereign. May his perfect will be done. Amen.

Required Disclaimer: what you just read, you may take it as a work of fiction dealing with the prophesied meteorite, earthquake and tsunami event that will affect Puerto Rico in the not distant future. You are not required or expected to believe it... End of Disclaimer.