Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mi Señor y Mi Dios, My Lord and My God, Maryah Alahih, Isha, Jesus

Maryah Alahih, Mi Señor y Mi Dios, Isha... Jesus.

Se que toda oracion debe ser dirigida a Alahah, Abun D'Bishmaya, Manifestacion Absoluta y Suprema de Dios, nuestro Padre Celestial; pero en esta ocasion le pido a usted, Maryah Alahih, que me permita hacer una excepcion a esta regla: y hablarle a usted personalmente. Le pido que me permita poner mi mano en la herida en su costado, besar las heridas  en sus manos, y absorver asi un poco de la sangre que aun sigue brotando de las mismas. Solo asi tendre la fortaleza para continuar adelante... hasta que se levante el pueblo que usted ha profetizado, y cumplan con el rol que usted les ha encomendado...

...No le interrumpo mas... Maryah Alahih, pues se que su ministerio es grande y continuo. Gracias, Maryah, Alahih, por su atencion, y por todo el amor que siempre nos ha demostrado. En ese amor es que esta nuestra esperanza, y nuestra fortaleza. Que vuestra Shekinah, La Presencia Personal de Dios en nuestras vidas nos guie a vivir en armonia con la perfecta voluntad divina, en todas vuestras Manifestaciones. Amen.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

When hell came visiting... last time

Dedicated to all the Meniere's sufferers, worldwide.

When hell came visiting....
last time
I had been so sure it was gone forever
that took me by surprise

My ear rang like hell
my guts lost all control
I vomited till there
there was nothing more to throw up.

The entire world was spinning
my mind was under a fog
time was standing still
and hell was raging on

Eventually will end
this hell am going thru
I kept telling myself
and a daemon within
kept laughing while repeating
what if now it never stop.

all confidence melted away
and tears came to my eyes
God, please stop this hell
God, give me a respite.

eventually a respite came,
hell departed from me
It left me shaking, scared
unstable, light footed
truly feeling like shit.

For others hell might be
a cancer, an aids
a love that ends,
a terrible disease.

For me it has a name
Meniere's Syndrome...
Meniere's Disease.

I hope now it is gone forever
I hope it will not return
but a whisper deep in my inner ear
tells me hey!, I am hiding here....
When you less expects me
I shall return to thee

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Puerto Rico is Another Country, not a mere US Territory populated by 2nd Class American Citizens

Monday, July 18, 2016

La Bandera Negra y Blanca de Puerto Rico; Puerto Rico's Black and White Flag

Simplemente propongo que hasta que Puerto Rico sea libre y soberano, todo movimiento politco que crea en la soberania de Puerto Rico adopte la bandera negra y blanca como la bandera de Puerto Rico, en demostracion de rechazo a la politica imperialista de Estados Unidos con respecto a Puerto Rico.

Y que cuando alcancemos la soberania, ENTONCES escojamos una nueva bandera, que verdaderamente refleje nuestra identidad nacional, y no sea un reflejo o derivado de la estadounidense.

Till PR becomes a free and sovereign Country, please let us adopt the Black and White Flag as our national flag.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Another Jewish Shoah in the Making But This Time Their False Messiah Will do the Killing

What happened to the Jews in Europe during World War II was not a holocaust but an explosion of anger and hatred against the Jewish bankster; that sadly felt on the average Jew, not the banksters. Yes Jews were killed in all imaginable ways, but not in a planned, industrial way as the myth says.  For the leaders of Germany a captured incarcerated Jew was more useful than a dead Jew. Incarcerated, the Nazis could  work them to death, so to speak. Killing millions of Jews,  incinerating them and disposing of their ashes, to the extend that no useful traces of the ashes could be found, would have been a huge, useless waste of time, money and resources that Germany badly needed. Remember, there was a huge war going on and millions of Germans were dying in the front lines. Every resource they could get, was badly needed for the war effort, defending themselves from the Russian, British and American attacks, for by that time it had become clear that the goal of the Allies was the destruction of the German people. Total war. Total destruction.

Now, here and there, to a smaller or a larger extend some individuals, Nazis or not, Germans or not, did kill Jews; abuse, torture, poison, killed them in an irrational, hateful way, but not as a policy of the German Reich.

Yet in the concentration camps there were also Sonderkommandos, many of them Jews, that worked with the SS men in administering the camps.  These Sonderkommandos  were the ones in continuous,  direct contact with those jailed in the camps. Some of these Sonderkommandos did  abused their fellows, and took advantage of them,  always claiming that it was under SS orders. I think that most of the evil things they did was not under SS, Nazi orders, but rather for their own personal comfort and lucre. These Jewish, Communist Sonderkommandos were the ones who created and  propagated the myth of the Holocaust to justify their own actions, while demonizing the SS Nazis and their leaders.

And because of the difficult life in the camps, the fact that the prisoners were being worked to death, [almost all males in Germany, including Hitler himself were suffering the same fate; it was a total war, and they wanted to win it, for their own life, win it!] and the dire conditions under which the War developed for Germany, the myth grew to mythical proportions.

Many prisoners when they got into the camps, were sick or got sick thereafter and were taken to the infirmaries where they spent several days, even weeks recovering. With the myth of the Holocaust floating around, what do you think these inmates dreamed about? The holocaust of course! And while you are sick, with a high fever that runs for days at a time you lost notion of what is real and what is just a dream or nightmare.  So in the mind of many inmates, the holocaust became the central reality on their feverish, hallucinating world....

During the time they were sick, most likely than not, they lost contact with  friends and relatives that  may have been moved to other camps or may have died due to the epidemies that were rampant in the camps and/or the hardships of camp life and work itself.... but for those who have just resurrected from the infirmaries, it was the Holocaust they saw in their nightmares, that for them have seem so real, the one and only cause of their friends/relatives death or disappearance.  So, even though the Nazi doctors may have actually saved their lives in the infirmaries, some patients came out thinking that their friends and relatives have been exterminated by those same doctors... in the gas chambers. Only an act of God saved me from their poisons: they would swear thereafter!

During the war, the Allies committed and impressive number of war crimes and mass executions, including the burning of several German and Japanese cities with incendiary and/or nuclear bombs. So, they decided to use the Holocaust Myth to direct the attention of the entire world toward the evilness of Nazism and away from their own Allies war crimes.  The Zionist leaders, with their money making mentality, used the Holocaust myth to generate income for their cause.  SO even before the war ended the Holocaust Myth have been elevated to the level of absolute truth and anyone who dared to question it, particularly in Germany would be condemn as an unrepentant evil sinner against humanity: and treated accordingly.

Under these conditions those who had been there and knew that it has not happened, kept their mouth shut, and if they spoke at all, only did so to confirm the official story, blame others for it and try to convince the judges that they were totally against it. Saving their own skin, and their relatives as well. Who could blame them for that?

For all these reasons, after the war  the holocaust myth sustained itself out of testimonies of individuals who thought they had seen it, most likely than not while recovering from real diseases and epidemies that would have killed them if they would have not received proper care at the Nazi infirmaries; and sonderkommandoes that created the myth to cover up their own selfish sins while working in the camps.

After the war, these same sonderkommadoes  wrote imaginary, fictional stories about the cruelty of the extermination camps, the zillions killed there, and their own heroics acts to help others and themselves... escape from the camps. With these fictional stories they made millions; The allies covered their own tracks of war crimes and the Zionists built their State in land taken away from their historical inhabitants, in a huge project paid for by the German people that once again was blamed for the War and made to pay for it.

But God is just. He still loves the seed of Jacob, but in no way will leave them without correction. Their own sins will catch up to them, and their own Golem will one day seek to destroy them. God is Just, God is Merciful. God is Love and one day they will become the blessing He always wanted them to be. He will make sure of that.  But they will have to learn a big lesson before it. So help them God, for they will need Him. Their own blood will be shed not by their victims or enemies, but by their own Messiah, the one they have created to protect themselves and extend their kingdom. Their Own State will  turn against them! 

And only  then, when facing the same destruction they will have impose upon  others... only then will they finally recognize their collective sin, repent and return to the true Universal God and his one universal law.... And He Himself will come to their rescue. Don't ask me if that is fair.  They are still HIS chosen people and I don't argue with HIM on that. 

One day they will become the blessing Alahah Himself always wanted them to be. I would like to see that before I go home.... and rejoice on it.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Actualizacion de la Profecia del Evento Lunar, que causara grandes terremotos, marremotos y erupciones en la tierra...

Lo que caera sobre la tierra causando una gran crisis mundial no viene del espacio lejano, sino de la Luna. La Luna sera influenciada o impactada ya sea por un cometa, un asteroide, una descarga solar [o un accidente humano], y esto causara una gran explosion en la Luna. Como consecuencia las grandes rocas espaciales que impactaran la tierra vendran de la Luna. Las rocas caeran en el hemisferio norte, entre Puerto Rico y el area este de los Estados Unidos. Esto causara grandes terremotos con un grado de destruccion de nivel 9 en la escala de MERCALLI, no Richter...

En cuanto a la gran roca que caera al oeste de Puerto Rico, la misma causara la destruccion de una base militar secreta y alegadamente alienigena, en el fondo del mar, causando una gran explosion en el fondo del mar que se proyectara en un angulo hacia el noreste, impactando la costa este de Puerto Rico y pasando sobre Puerto Rico. Esa es la gran ola que pasara sobre Puerto Rico causando los llamados tres dias de tinieblas sobre la Isla.

El evento lunar tambien alterara la orbita de la Luna causando que esta se mueva a una orbita mucho mas eliptica; acercandose y alejandose de la tierra en forma ciclica y marcada. Esto a su vez alterara el fluir de los cuerpos de agua, tanto los que estan sobre la tierra, lagos, mares, oceanos, como los que estan debajo de la tierra. Asi mismo sera afectada el magma de las calderas de los supervolcanos. No necesariamente estallaran, sino mas bien pudieran tener errupciones menores, algunas tan grandes como las del Monte St. Helens, en Estados Unidos.

Las mareas bajaran y subiran muchisimo y ocurriran grandes marremotos. Este sera el evento comun que todo el mundo experimentara y que aterrorizara a todos.

El Rapto y la Rebelion Final de Israel

Este evento lunar, sin embargo, no es necesariamente, uno de los que estan profetizados en el libro de Apocalipsis. El periodo que cubre el Apocalipsis tendra su comienzo luego de que el fruto de la era de la Iglesia sea recogino por Dios dando asi por terminada esa era.

Ese evento biblico es conocido como el rapto o traslacion de la Iglesia, pero en realidad son bien poquitos los que se van. Solo aquellos que hallan comprendido el evangelio de Jesus y hallan vivido en base al amor divino, amando a TODOS tal y como Jesus no ha amado. Esos se van. Los demas nos quedamos.

Solo despues de este evento del rapto sera que el gran falso mesias del nacionalismo secular judio, el Estado Sionista, podra levantarse en todo su poder. Primero se establecera como la gran potencia regional del Medio Oriente, en poco tiempo se unira a la Union Europea y un tiempo despues asumira la presidencia de la misma.

Una vez halla consolidado su poder, el falso mesias del nacionalismo judio secular se levantara contra toda religion, especialmente el Islam y el Cristianismo. Cuando este complacido de haber destruido estas dos religiones, sera entonces que dirigira su poder en contra del Judaismo en si mismo. Los creyentes de la Tiierra Santa, tanto cristianos como islamicos y Judios se aferraran a la esperanza de que Dios enviara de los cielos a un Salvador que los libertara de ese falso mesias del nacionalismo judio, que ya se habra revelado a si mismo como un enemigo de Dios.

Y asi ocurrira, Dios mismo, llamesele Alah, en arabe, Alahah en arameo, YHVH en hebreo, o Jesus en buen cristiano... el Dios eterno descendera del cielo y cubrira con su gloria al Monte de los Olivos a donde ascenderan los creyentes en Dios, y alli EL los recibra, los protegera y se les revelara en toda su verdad. De ahi en adelante ya no habra tres religiones monoteistas, sino una....

Ante esta realidad el anticristo buscara reunir a todas las naciones para pelear contra Dios, y todos los que acudan a ese llamado seran derrotados....

Pudieramos pensar que los grandes cambios que ocurriran en la tierra debido al evento lunar seran la causa inmediate de los grandes cambios que ocurran en la tierra durante el periodo de LA REBELION Y RESTAURACION FINAL DE ISRAEL, pero esto no tiene que ser asi. Bien pudiera ser que el fin de la era de la Iglesia llegue poco tiempo antes o poco tiempo despues del evento lunar, pero pudese tambien ser que el evento lunar ocurra y que pase mucho tiempo y que la humanidad se recupere de ese evento, y que aun no acabe la era de la Iglesia. La fecha, la hora, la epoca en que llegara el rapto, eso solo lo sabe Alahah, el padre celestial.

Con el rapto de la Iglesia comenzara el periodo de la REBELION Y RESTAURACION FINAL DE ISRAEL. Durante este periodo Dios estara bregando con el Pueblo de Israel, con toda la descendencia de Israel, para lograr que tomen conciencia de su pecado y rebelion colectiva contra Dios, y se arrepientan de la misma. La labor no sera facil, y solo mediante su gran amor manifiesto sera que Dios mismo lograra su objetivo. Cristiano que no se vaya en el rapto, que deje de pensar en si mismo y que entienda que a pesar de su gran pecado y la gran maldad que habra de manifestar el Estado Judio, Dios los sigue amando y a traves de su amor manifiesto finalmente lograra que dejen atras su rebelion y se conviertan a Dios con todo su corazon: y asi lleguen a ser la gran bendicion que Dios siempre ha querido que ellos sean. 

Una cosa es y sera reconocer y condenar el pecado de Israel y otra muy diferente es rechazarlos por eso. Estan en un estado de pecado y rebelion contra Dios y de ninguna forma Dios los dejara sin castigo. Las consecuencias de su propio pecado los alcanzara, pero Dios los sigue amando y en lugar de rechazarlos u odiarlos lo que TENEMOS que hacer tanto ahora como en el futuro es amarlos, señalarles su pecado para que tomen conciencia del mismo y presentarles el evangelio de Jesus para que se arrepientas y se tornen a Dios con todo su corazon.

Al final de ese periodo de LA REBELION Y RESTAURACION FINAL DE ISRAEL, tambien conocido como la Gran Tribulacion, el pueblo judio finalmente entendera la magnitud de su pecado y rebelion, y se tornaran a Dios de todo corazon, y Dios mismo descendera del cielo para salvarlos de su propia maldad encarnada en su falso mesias. De ahi en adelante el pueblo judio se convertira en la bendicion que Dios SIEMPRE ha querido que ellos sean.

Dos Eventos Diferentes

Son dos eventos diferentes que pudiesen ocurrir simultaneamente o no. Uno es el evento lunar y sus concecuencias fisicas sobre la tierra. Otro es el rapto de la Iglesia y la Rebelion y Restauracion Final de Israel que seguira al rapto.

Debemos preparar para ambos eventos, pues no sabemos si vendran juntos o separados. Tampoco sabemos cuando llegaran. Pero ambos llegaran. ¿Cuando? Eso solo lo sabe el Padre Celestial.

Para irse en el Rapto

En cuanto a irse en el llamado rapto de la Iglesia, la formula es sencilla. Acepte y obedezca el nuevo mandamiento de Jesus, amando a todos como Dios, en Jesus, nos ha amado. Ame a Dios sobre todas las cosas, y ame a cada persona como si Dios mismo estuviese en esa persona. Solo asi se ira en el llamado rapto. Los demas, por mas que reclamen haber aceptado a Jesus, por mas que oren, canten y alaben, por mas dones espirituales que hallan manifestado.... los demas nos quedaremos para enfrentar al falso mesias del nacionalismo secular judio.

El evento lunar y sus consecuencias

En cuanto al evento lunar y sus consecuencias, el mismo causara un disloque en el orden y la economia mundial, y aunque muchos moriran, los que quedemos debemos prepararnos para sobrevivir en un mundo muy distinto al que conocemos hoy dia. Por mucho tiempo, cuando menos algunos años, estaremos sin electricidad masiva, sin internet o telefonia comoda y accesible, sin la seguirdad del transporte maritimo masivo, en fin que tendremos que aprender a vivir como se vivia antes del siglo 20. Y el tiempo de prepararnos para eso es ahora. Si nos preparamos como individuos y sociedad para enfrentar, sobrevivir y seguir viviendo luego del evento lunar, lo lograremos. Si no nos preparamos, los que sobrevivan al evento desearan haberse muerto.

En cuanto a las profecias repetitivas sobre un gran meteorito que afectara la tierra: algunos de mayor o menor tamaño pudieran caer a la tierra, como cayo hace algun tiempo uno sobre Rusia. Pero esos eventos, de ocurrir no seran el cumplimiento de la profecia. El gran evento profetico comenzara en la luna.... y pudiera tener varias causas inmediatas.

Un cometa, con su gran poder electro-magnetico, puede energizar la luna, causando un gran campo electromagnetico en la luna, que interactue con el de la tierra, asi mismo pudiera ocurrirar con una descarga solar que impacte directamente a la luna. El impacto directo de un meteorito de gran tamaño pudiera causar la explosion lunar en forma directa, pero no necesariamente tiene que ser tan grande. La luna no funciona "exactamente" como los cientificos piensan, y un impacto relativamente pequeño, en el momento y lugar apropiado, pudiera alterar la realidad lunar en forma grande.

Otra causa inmediata del desastre lunar pudiera ser un error humano. Resulta que existe una variante del gas helio que puede ser usando como material para producir energia. En la tierra esa variante del Helio es muy escasa, pero se cree que existe en grandes cantidades en la superficie de la luna. Asi que varias naciones estan haciendo planes para llegar a la luna e iniciar alli operaciones de recoleccion de Helio3, para producir energia: ya sea en la luna misma y proyectarar a la tierra, o colectar el Helio 3 en la Luna y transportarlo a la tierra para ser usado aca.

Desafortunadamente la realidad de la luna no es exactamente como la visualizan los cientificos, asi que existe una gran posibilidad que sus operaciones en la luna terminen en desastre, una gran explosion que de inicio al evento lunar de que hablamos en esta profecia.  

Claro esta que todas estas posibilidades pueden combinarse y causar la gran explosion lunar a que hice referencia al principio y que expulsaria las grandes rocas que caerian al oeste de Puerto Rico y al este de Estados Unidos.

Este evento lunar, cuando ocurra, nos dara algunos dias para reaccionar. Los individuos, las sociedades y paises que esten preparados tendran tiempo para reaccionar y actuar correctamente, minimizando las muertes por el evento en si, y quedando mucho mejor preparadas para enfrentar las consecuencias que se manifestaran en los meses subsiguientes. Pero el que no este previamente preparado se las vera mucho mas dificil.

El tiempo de predicar y advertir sobre este evento esta terminando. El tiempo de prepararnos a corto, mediano y largo plazo ha llegado. Debemos asumir esta actitud permanente de prepararnos para estos dos grandes eventos que se hacercan;Y pasarles ese mismo espiritu de preparacion a nuestros hijos de tal forma que si estos eventos finalmente ocurriesen en su epoca o la de sus hijos... esten preparados. Que asi nos ayude Dios.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Function of the Concave Earth and other Alternative Cosmologies

The concave surface earth model is interesting, but those who propose it have wanted to put the entire universe inside of it. A better model of a concave earth would leave the sun, moon, planets, etc. etc. etc, on the outside, while we live inside the sphere, on its inner concave surface. But then how can we see the sun moon and stars while we are inside? Two possible scenarios: (1) light comes in thru the polar openings and is somehow spread so that we see an accurate rendition of the outside sky. (2) some kind of particles, photons, neutrinos or whatever, a kind or frequency of light flows freely thru the universe, , but when it pass thru the cortex and inner atmosphere of the earth it becomes visible, giving us an accurate rendition of what is outside the sphere we live in. Now when spaceships go into orbit they do so inside the earth, yet when they get outside they do so thru the polar holes, the ones postulated by the hollow earth theory, but for us, they will not be a way into the earth, but our way out of the Earth.... When spaceships get out of the earth, the universe they find will basically be the same as they expected, but if they look back, the earth they would be living behind will not be the one they expect. Now, orthodox science postulates that we live on the outer surface of a spherical earth. compose of different layers; and the deeper you dig into this earth, the hotter it becomes, till at a given depth, it all becomes molten lava and at the center, molten metal, yet under tremendous pressure due to gravity. They claim that this model is based on data collected thru various experiments, over centuries. So if we take this data and apply it to a concave earth where we live on the inner surface, but retain the orthodox view that outside of this sphere, the Universe is basically the same as orthodox science postulates: Then How would the Earth appears from the outside? as molten lava, or as molten metal? As a hollow glowing ball? ain't that a kind of star? Certainly bigger than the earth as orthodox science explains it, for in the orthodox view the circumference of the earth is considered the outside circumference but in this model it would be the inner surface circumference, and we don't know how thick the crust might be. Now, if the earth were to be a shining star-like planet , where we live inside of it, where then, do we place Sun? Would we be talking about a binary star system? or would the earth itself be the sun of this star system?... and the lights we see on the sky would be just reflections of the outer sky upon the inner sky? Of all the alternative cosmologies floating around there is one presented by an engineer, who can do the math to explain it, that claims that the stars are actually spheres of molten lava, and the extreme heat is not generated inside of them but on their stratosphere and projected outward. There is another theory presented by an astronomer who can also do the math to explain his theory, that says that went astronomers took on the task of determining how far are the stars, they took for granted that they were far, far away, outside the solar system. He claims that they make a mistake based on that misunderstanding and came with distances in light years away, when in reality most of the visible stars are actually only light hours away. He claims that in our solar system there is a cloud of planets, planetoids, meteorites etc, etc. etc., and many of the objects we see in the sky, when we use a telescope, are not actually stars but planets and meteorites on the outer layers of our own solar system. He goes even further and claims that our solar system if seen from far away in space, would look like a galaxy. Specifically the Milky Way Galaxy. In summary he postulates that Galaxies are in reality Solar Systems with one star in the Center, and planets, planetoids, etc. etc. etc. surrounding them. These Galaxies are not hundreds or billions of light years away, but much, much closer, perhaps in the magnitudes of light hours, not years away. Now if we combine these two models, with the Concave earth model as modified in this post, then the Earth would be a molten lava star that emits heat and light, among other quantic particles or electromagnetic frequencies toward the outside, but is habitable in the inside. Inside we can somehow see in our inner sky, a reflection or image of the universe outside. Yet , this model, as perceive from within the Earth, would be easily confuse with , almost indistinguishable, from the orthodox model, Quite hard to tell them apart: till you try to get outside.If you try, you will fail miserably time and time again, till you find the right way to do it, and then, once you do get outside, you will find the universe you expected, but as you look back, the world you leave behind, will not be a planet, but a glowing star! But once the correct route or way to get out is found, the formulas use to calculate the outgoing trajectory will be modified, and not even a scientist will notice the difference. Except that, if you look back at the right moment and under the right conditions, the planet you will be living behind will be a glowing star! Under this model the Universe might be as big as orthodox science says, but the closer galaxies will be much closer than we ever imagine, the stars would be glowing molten lava spheres, and we would be living inside the central star of the milky way solar system. The Earth and the sun would be one, at the center of the galaxy..... This model of course, is a work of creative imagination. Hope somebody with the right expertise and time, will fill in the details. Three things that need to be explained are, (1) how can we, living on the inside can see, in our inner sky a reflection of the universe outside? (2) If we are living inside a sun, which actually is an sphere of molten lava on the outside, but habitable on the inside, what then is the sun we see in our inner sky? and (3) If the outside surface of our planet/sun is molten lava, and its atmosphere gets so hot, how can space vehicles from earth are able to get outside?.... Am I debunking my own theory?, perhaps. Perhaps the outside of this sphere we live in is not that hot, perhaps the Earth is not the sun, but just a planet orbiting the sun, and a moon orbiting the earth. Perhaps all this alternatives cosmologies are just useless bull ... Who knows... Anyhow I hope you get the point. My point is that the present official cosmology is not perfect. Allegedly there are some contradictions within it. A Concave Earth cosmology may help us to explain some of them. But first we must simplify the Concave System model. Trying to fit the entire universe within the inner sky of this concave earth is just too much. Too much data and research that needs to be discarded. A universe of complexity is added to the system. All that complexity is not needed, if we want to understand and develop this Concave Cosmology, we must simplify it first and accommodate it within the cosmology we have come to understand. So we leave the Universe outside, and picture the concave earth as another cosmic body in the infinite sky. Similar to the hollow earth theory, but with the difference that we live on the inside, concave surface and not on the outside convex surface. We must also discard the Inner Sun and Inner moon as actual objects in the inner sky and envision and explain them as the reflection, on the inner sky, of the outside universe. The combination with various alternative cosmologies, has the effect of turning the Concave Earth into a Sun and center of an entire galaxy, albeit much smaller than the galaxies postulated by orthodox science. An infinite universe without black holes or relativity... but with distances between galaxies that can be travel by human means, within human lifespans. A cosmology that makes the Star Trek, Star Wars and BattleStar Galactica worlds possible. After all orthodox science seems to have close all the doors for our imagination to expand in a way that we can understand and envision. The Cosmos we live in have become alien and incomprehensible. At variance with what our religious inner self have accepted as truth. These new alternatives cosmologies seek to fill that void. To describe the world in a way that we can understand and relate to. In a way where our imagination once again can fly without living God, our faith and theology, behind.