Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On the Anti-Christ or False Messiah of Judaism

In the Original Hebrew/Aramaic it is not the Anti-Christ but the False Christ: the false Messiah, the false Savior of Israel.  In Israel there has always been two tendencies: the Religious, pious trend, following the Mosaic Law and trusting God; and the secular, atheistic trend, that denies God and seeks to restored  the Israeli Kingdom, outside and against religion.  The false Christ, the False Messiah of Judaism is the conception of the Messiah that the secular atheistic Jews have follow since the days of Moses. In its present incarnation It is called Secular Zionism and its Messiah, its Savior is the Zionist Jewish State they are creating.

Secular Zionist Jews are not expecting a divine ordained Messiah, or even YeHoVaH God himself to descent from heaven to be their Saviour.  Their highest conception of God is that of an energy, like the force of the Star War movies, that they, the Secular Jewish Elite, know how to conjure and manipulate. In their ideology it is them, the Secular Zionist Jews, the ones that will save the Jewish people, and rule the world thru their creation, The Zionist State, that will become the physical incarnation of the Secular Zionist Ideology, and imperial ideals.

They have succeeded in creating their State.  Yet it is not perfectly Jewish and Zionist yet. Functioning in a real world, and feeding on people, primarily Jews who moved to Israel and their descendants, the Palestinian who remain in the land,  the Jewish community around the world and Christians who believe it to be a God given creation, the State of Israel does not yet incarnates perfectly the secular Zionist ideology.

For the time being that State has the appearance of conformity to religion and fear of God, but deep within, Zionism is an atheist ideology that hates religion, all religion but  primarily monotheistic religions like Islam, Christianity and most of them all, Judaism, which they blame for all the evils that the Jewish people has suffered over the ages.

For the time being the State of Israel functions as the Government of a given country where real people with good and bad traits strive to live, protect and govern themselves the best way they can. Yet Secular Zionism as an ideology and imperial philosophy continuous to grow and expand its grip upon mankind.

Inside and outside of Israel the great satan, [the collective, telepathic identity of the rebellious, Sheol-bound serpent people] thru the Ideology of  Atheist Zionism is consolidating its grip and mind control of powerful Jewish bankers, leaders and power brokers around the world.   It is becoming the ideology, the religion of the Jewish powerful elite around the Globe. Thru them It is taking control of the World.

 Once it does, It will reveal its true nature seeking to destroy all Monotheistic religions. To destroy  Islam, historical evidence (real or created: the effect will be the same) will be presented that will "prove" beyond any doubt who the original so called prophet  was and how it was transmuted into the religion and Prophet of Islam. The evidence will be so powerful and disgusting that the masses will depart from that religion. Deprived of their unifying religion the Arabs and Muslims  of the world will become like sheep lost in the wilderness... and the Zionist state will act like a Lion feeding among them.

 Against Christianity, Satan, acting thru its Zionist emissaries, will do what they have always done, instigate persecution and hatred,  seeking to completely eradicate Christ and its disciples from the face of the Earth.

At the end, when Satan thinks it has succeeded, it will raise against the Jewish/Israeli people themselves. The foreshadow of that occurred in WWII, when pious Jews were persecuted and murdered by Communist/Zionist Jews within and without the Nazi prison system (and then blamed the Nazis for that); It is starting again against the Orthodox Jews in Israel; and it will gain full strength once Satan thinks that he Has finally overcome Christianity.

But then,  YeHoVah God himself will descend from heaven and set his feet upon the Mount of Olives as prophesied by Zechariah. Then the Jewish People, the Muslims, and any surviving Christians left in Israel, will acknowledge that He is their Savior and their God.  They will go up the Mountain to seek His protection...

 and then they will see his hands...

Then the Jewish/Israeli people will finally understand, repent and become the blessing God intended them to be from the very beginning. What a glorious day. The climax of the prophetic drama. How much I wish we could be there... to rejoice with them... yet there is work to do... and we must do it for that day to come.

The fullness of God's love as manifested in the life and sacrificial death of Jesus must be presented to them as  well as his commandment to love all as he has  loved us. That is the Full Gospel of Jesus. Not only that God love us, but that we, and all those who accept and receive that love, must pass it on, loving all as he has loved us.

Israel needs to receive that message, to feel that love. But that love to be honest must condemn their sins and call them to repentance just like the prophets of YeHoVaH did in the past, just like Jesus did during his earthly ministry and just like his disciples did during their close to 40 years ministry to Israel, just after His resurrection.

Some Jews will receive the message now, and become one with us. Must of them won't. Yet the seed will be planted in their minds and  hearts and when their day of big tribulation comes. When most Christians would have departed from this physical world. Some taken away in the rapture. Most killed during the persecution the Zionist Elite instigated against them. At the time of the Great tribulation of Jacob, when the Jewish State they created with sweat and tears turns against them... then  they will remember and return to the God of their Forefathers.

Then, The God of Love and Faithfulness that was preached to them, will come to their rescue...  YeHoVah Himself will set his feet upon the Mount of Olives to be their Lord, their Savior, their Ultimate Messiah! Ha leh lu YAH!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

About the Meteorite, Earthquake and Tsunami that will devastate Puerto Rico...

Required Disclaimer: the following, you may take it as a work of fiction dealing with the prophesied meteorite, earthquake and tsunami event that will affect Puerto Rico in the not distant future. You are not required or expected to believe it... End of Disclaimer

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Puerto Rico is on top of an underwater mountain chain, home of a huge underwater cavern system. Some so-called aliens, primarily Grays and reptilians, have live there for a long time. When the USA Government found evidence of that, they decided to take over the Island, back in the 1890's.  Since then they have been securing, under the control of Federal agencies, all land and water entrances to that cavern system.

At the end of WWII, the US Navy got all the secret UFO technology that the NAZI regime was developing in Germany.  They lead other to believe that they had taken the UFO prototypes to a secret base in the Antarctica, but in reality they took them to their facilities under Puerto Rico.

The UFO that crashed on Roswell, NM, came from under PR. It was one of the first prototypes build under the new USA development team....

In the late 40's the US Navy commence the development of Roosevelt Roads, their largest offshore Naval base. They also built a bombing range in the small island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. They use that base and the war bombing exercises conducted there, to finance and cover up the development of a huge underwater base linked to the huge cavern system under Puerto Rico.

Construction of that huge complex finished in the 90's and then the Navy engineered  an artificial crisis in the Roosevelt Roads-Vieques area to infuriate the civilian population against the Navy so that they, the Navy, would have an excuse to shutdown Roosevelt Roads.  It was no longer needed. Its primary purpose has not been to serve as a training and bombing range but to serve as a money source and cover up for the huge underwater/underground base being built at the other end of Puerto Rico.  Having completed that other base, Roosevelt Roads was no longer need. That's why it was shutdown.

Remember, that the huge underwater base emerged as a collaboration between the USA Government and the "aliens", primarily Grays, physically weak but mentally powerful, and reptilians who live under Puerto Rico.

Now, there is a prophecy going around, lead by prophet Efrain Rodriguez, google him for more details,  that a big ball of fire, many identify as a meteorite will cross Puerto Rico's sky, from Central North to South West,  From the town of Arecibo on the North to Mayaguez on the West, and enter the water of the Sea between the West Coast of Puerto Rico and the small Island of Amona. When it hits the water it will cause a huge underwater nuclear explosion and earthquake. The initial jolt  will go up to 12 in the Ritcher Scale, descending to a sustained earthquake of 8 to 9 in the Ritcher scale that will last for a much longer time span (up to several minutes) before it calms down. Something unique will happen then, there will be a combination of Tsunami, boom expansion and mist, raising to hundreds of feet and moving quite fast toward Puerto Rico.

This unique tsunami, expansion boom, water mist wall will cover most of Puerto Rico, and yet even in and near the coasts there will be survivors.  It will not be a solid wall of water as in conventional tsunami but a combination of microscopic water drops and  water vapor moving fast.... from a distance it will look like a conventional, but mile high, tsunami... in the midst of it it will feel like a a strong water wind and darkness moving in all directions and with a mind of its own.

Some people have identified the ball of fire crossing Puerto Rico as a "meteorite", but it as well might be perceived or understood as a missile.... the important fact is that it will be directed, intelligently directed,  not against Puerto Rico but against the underwater installations at the bottom of the sea, between Puerto Rico and the Amona Island.  The compact the US Government has made with the Grays will come to an end in a very dramatic and explosive fashion. I would advice the USA Government to terminate that covenant now, and dismantle that base, or face the consequences...

That base, however,  is not the only one that exists, but all of them will be destroyed by "meteorites", intelligently directed against them. If Uncle Sam chooses not to acknowledge their existence, the event will be classified as a calamity where the Earth was impacted, at random, by "meteorites", causing great destruction....

Most of the damage to Puerto Rico will come from the microscopic water drops tsunami that will engulf Puerto Rico. Against that, the best protection is faith and spiritual power that will create a shield around communities, and even individual houses, so that the destructive water mist  tsunami will not affect them. Thus when it comes, don't run in desperation but get home and pray.  Stay calm.  God wiling you will be spared from the hell that will follow.

Now, remember, you may take this as a fictional analysis, if you wish.  You are not asked to believe it. Just keep it in the back of your mind, get spiritually ready,  and went it comes, drop to your knees and pray, you might be spared, and go to be with the Lord...

... otherwise you will be protected from the devastation, survive and stay here, to deal with the aftermath of the destruction and all the prophetic events and responsibilities that will follow.


Efrain vision and prophecy starts with a "meteorite" crossing the sky of Puerto Rico about 2:00 am, while the Moon is shining in the sky, seemingly a full moon night.  Yet other believers have had dreams and visions about what would cause this meteorite shower.  From these  visions and dreams we may conclude that the  immediate cause of this meteorite event will be a change in the Moon.

 The Moon will   become electromagnetically active and overcharged with energy.  This could happened due to Tesla inspired, quantum physics justified, experiments realized by the United States,(under the invisible guidance of their gray/reptilians partners), by the electromagnetic influence of a Comet, by an energy discharge from the Sun or by a direct hit by a meteorite.... or  a combination of these events.

One way or another the Moon will be overcharge with energy, emitting its own reddish light. Eventually, withing months, weeks or days, there will be a huge explosion in the Moon, and fragments from that explosion would become the "meteorites" Efrain Rodriguez and others have seen in their  dreams and visions....

 This explosion and the previous electromagnetic activation of the Moon will cause the Moon to move toward a new  elliptical orbit around the earth: First moving away from the Earth, and latter on coming quite close to the Earth. Eventually the Moon will settle into a new orbit, farther away from the Earth, but it will take a few years before reaching that stability. Meanwhile the fluctuations in the moon's orbit  will strongly affect the seas and volcanic magma, causing many disasters all over the world....

Now, the electromagnetic activation of the Moon and its initial shining will be denied till it can be denied no longer... but the one event that no one will be able to deny will be the "meteorite" shower that will cause havoc all over the world, as seen in dreams and visions by Efrain Rodriguez and many others...

However, for those who give credence to Efrain Prophecy,  there would be another signal  that these events have started.  There will be a series of almost simultaneous 7.something earthquakes, one of them in the vecinity of Puerto Rico, taking place in many places on the Earth.  For the secular world this would only be a strange occurrence. For those who have followed this prophecy  this will be the one final warning that the time of change, that the one Event predicted by so many is finally here!

Just remember, the initial change in the Moon will be detected by very few and denied by many more....  the series of 7.something, almost simultaneous earthquakes may happened just before the initial Moon change, or a short time, months, weeks or days, afterwards.  This will be the final warning.... next thing will be the "meteor" shower.... with  one hitting just west of Puerto Rico, crossing the Island about 2:00 am, AST, local time, as prophesied by Efrain.

With regards to Efrain's dateline:  About evangelist Jorge Raschke. Raschke was one of the first preachers in Puerto Rico that had visions about the Earthquake/tsunami that would devastate the Island. Yet he no longer preaches that. He minimizes it and laughs at those who continue to preach it.

 Raschke celebrates kind of a National Day of Prayer and Mourning in PR, every first Monday of September. (Labor Day in the USA) He calls it "El Dia de Clamor a Dios". Efrain misunderstood the deadline set by God on Raschke. Rashcke was given one last chance to change the political, pro-statehood, pro New Progressive Party (The Statehood advocate political party in PR) message that he has been preaching, from the pulpit, for the last few years, and return to the prophetic message he preached a long time ago.  He refused to do that. With that decision his prophetic ministry ended, by his own choice. Now he will have to face the consequences. Just like the fig tree our Lord cursed. Not on his life or salvation, I certainly hope and pray for,  but certainly  on his ministry.

With regard to December 31, 2014.  The Church leadership in PR rejected Efrain's message. Laugh at him. Despised and discarded him and the prophetic message he and so many others have been preaching for so long. December 31st was not meant by God to be a deadline on the Meteorite Event, but on the Church leadership in PR.  Sadly they too made the wrong choice. God discarded them, and a new leadership will arise just before..  just after the event.

With regard to the old leadership,  God will deal with them individually.  Some will survive, others will die. Some will go to heaven to receive their reward for the many years they served the Lord.  Others, were never known by HIM, and will go into condemnation. God is just. God is love. God loves them more that anyone could. But as Puerto Rico and the world moves closer to the Event and the reality that will follow, that old leadership is no longer valid. They discarded the voice of God. God have put them aside, shelved them. And a new leadership will arise. Wiling to to the job the old leadership refused to do. God is love. God is Just. God is Sovereign. May his perfect will be done. Amen.

Required Disclaimer: what you just read, you may take it as a work of fiction dealing with the prophesied meteorite, earthquake and tsunami event that will affect Puerto Rico in the not distant future. You are not required or expected to believe it... End of Disclaimer.