Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sovereign Nations

 One nation should not be encapsulated inside another nation. Every single nation should be free, Sovereign. Independent. Master of her own destiny. Responsible for her own actions.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Raising hell on top of the RockSite

Raising hell, raising hell, raising hell, Making fun, making fun of all of them be InfoWars or New York Times I'll explain what is going around On the RockSite of the Atlantic The puppets can't understand But the masters know it well Un petardo en el trasero se merece que le pongan pa que dejen finalmente, de joder. Un petardo intelectual I don't mean to start a war.... The Rock Site is a huge underwater base the United States planned to built somewhere in the Atlantic. They would claim that they never built it to the southwest of Puerto Rico. Between Cabo Rojo and the Island of Mona, at the bottom of the sea.... neither did they found the huge cave system under Puerto Rico, or made any contact with those residing there. They will deny all of it. I know better, but I will not tell. Even Conspiratorial Science Fiction is a good tool to fight the Imperial system. The Puerto Rican Rock Site Conspiracy Theory. Uncle Sam. The Sweet Base, real location: right under PR.... and the Rock Site built around it. How many trillion dollars it is worth to you? Of course Mary Joe, John Doe and Kathy Lee, you are no longer the FBI agents in charge of monitoring everything and anything Puerto Rican patriots do or say online. As I understand it, you were promoted to the NSA. Have some fun, ask them to tell you if the Rock site exists or not. Watch their eye movement and sense the trembling in their voice when they answer NO! Haven't learn to lie yet. Dump-heads!