Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Original God Given Holy Script, Character set, could be the key to better understand the Bible

Something very important about the Ark of the Covenant are the stones tablets where God Himself wrote the ten commandments. In what language and using what character set did he wrote them? It certainly was not the Square Aramaic Script the Jews borrowed from Babylon, over a thousands years latter, and adopted as their own....

It could have been the Old Hebrew/Phoenician Script used and spread by the Phoenicians a few decades after the Israeli invasion of the land of Canaan.

But who knows, perhaps it was another one. Perhaps God, in the Tablets of the Law gave them a Symbolic-Phonetic Script, and the Jews, for fear of blaspheming God or misusing The Divine Script, replaced it, for daily use, with a simpler one, The so called Old Script used by Jews and Phoenicians alike.

Perhaps that's why many biblical passages seem difficult to understand. The Original Script was replaced by a different one, and while most of the phonetic meanings remain the same, the original God given script also had symbolic meanings and interconnections that were lost when it was replaced with the Old Hebrew Script. In time, after the Babylonian captivity the Jews replaced the Old Hebrew Script with the Square Aramaic Script used in Babylon. Ever since, that Square script has become the official Script used by the Jews to write both, Hebrew and Aramaic, their two main theological languages.All present and historical copies of the Hebrew Scriptures now available are written using the Square Script.

Yet many passages remain obscure or difficult to understand. Perhaps a way to better understand those passages  would be to find the tablets of the law written by God, re-learn that original Script given by  Him and replace the Square Hebrew/Aramaic script with the original one.  I would expect that using the original script a deeper understanding of many biblical passages will emerge.

Could we still find or identify that God Given Original Script, Characters set?  A clue may be found in the Book of Daniel where God once again wrote with his finger on the wall, this time a message of Judgment against the king of Babylon.  Curiously the learned men in Babylon, the capital of the World, or at least the Middle East Part of the world at that time, those learned men could NOT READ what was written. If it would have been written in the Square Script or even in the Old Hebrew script there would have been individuals capable of READING it. But none was found. This suggest that God wrote on the wall using a Script other than the Square or old Hebrew Script.

  Yet Daniel was able to read the characters (he recognized them) and then he gave their interpretation.  But before interpreting them, there is the fact that he did recognize the Script God used to write on the wall.... Perhaps that was the same script used on the Ten Commandments Stone tablets..... It would make sense that God will used the same Script.... And it would make sense that even though the Jews would not use the Original Divine Script in their daily affairs, or permanently record it on stone or paper, perhaps they did teach a selected group to read and write it, using something as simple as sand boxes, where they would write... and erase what they wrote so that no permanent record of that writing would be found.

Now, from a Christian perspective Jesus is Jehovah, incarnated. And in the case of the woman that was accused of adultery, Jesus in protecting her wrote on the sand. The bible does not say what he wrote. As he wrote, first the elders and then the younger accusers drop the stones they were going to stoned her with, and left... Could it have been that he wrote in the same ancient, Original Script he, JEHOVAH himself, had given Moses over 2000 years before? Could the public use of that Holy Script have impacted the elders so much that they left in awe. Could that be the reason why nobody recorded what he said, but only the fact the he did wrote in the sand....

Three different times God wrote with his finger: First when he wrote the Tablets of the Law that he gave to Moses; then when he wrote on the Wall of the Palace in Babylon, a message of judgment against the king of Babylon; and finally, when he, Jehovah incarnated, wrote on the sand, before those who were ready to stone a woman to death.... In what language and using what Script did he wrote?