miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016

The Function of the Concave Earth and other Alternative Cosmologies

The concave surface earth model is interesting, but those who propose it have wanted to put the entire universe inside of it. A better model of a concave earth would leave the sun, moon, planets, etc. etc. etc, on the outside, while we live inside the sphere, on its inner concave surface. But then how can we see the sun moon and stars while we are inside? Two possible scenarios: (1) light comes in thru the polar openings and is somehow spread so that we see an accurate rendition of the outside sky. (2) some kind of particles, photons, neutrinos or whatever, a kind or frequency of light flows freely thru the universe, , but when it pass thru the cortex and inner atmosphere of the earth it becomes visible, giving us an accurate rendition of what is outside the sphere we live in. Now when spaceships go into orbit they do so inside the earth, yet when they get outside they do so thru the polar holes, the ones postulated by the hollow earth theory, but for us, they will not be a way into the earth, but our way out of the Earth.... When spaceships get out of the earth, the universe they find will basically be the same as they expected, but if they look back, the earth they would be living behind will not be the one they expect. Now, orthodox science postulates that we live on the outer surface of a spherical earth. compose of different layers; and the deeper you dig into this earth, the hotter it becomes, till at a given depth, it all becomes molten lava and at the center, molten metal, yet under tremendous pressure due to gravity. They claim that this model is based on data collected thru various experiments, over centuries. So if we take this data and apply it to a concave earth where we live on the inner surface, but retain the orthodox view that outside of this sphere, the Universe is basically the same as orthodox science postulates: Then How would the Earth appears from the outside? as molten lava, or as molten metal? As a hollow glowing ball? ain't that a kind of star? Certainly bigger than the earth as orthodox science explains it, for in the orthodox view the circumference of the earth is considered the outside circumference but in this model it would be the inner surface circumference, and we don't know how thick the crust might be. Now, if the earth were to be a shining star-like planet , where we live inside of it, where then, do we place Sun? Would we be talking about a binary star system? or would the earth itself be the sun of this star system?... and the lights we see on the sky would be just reflections of the outer sky upon the inner sky? Of all the alternative cosmologies floating around there is one presented by an engineer, who can do the math to explain it, that claims that the stars are actually spheres of molten lava, and the extreme heat is not generated inside of them but on their stratosphere and projected outward. There is another theory presented by an astronomer who can also do the math to explain his theory, that says that went astronomers took on the task of determining how far are the stars, they took for granted that they were far, far away, outside the solar system. He claims that they make a mistake based on that misunderstanding and came with distances in light years away, when in reality most of the visible stars are actually only light hours away. He claims that in our solar system there is a cloud of planets, planetoids, meteorites etc, etc. etc., and many of the objects we see in the sky, when we use a telescope, are not actually stars but planets and meteorites on the outer layers of our own solar system. He goes even further and claims that our solar system if seen from far away in space, would look like a galaxy. Specifically the Milky Way Galaxy. In summary he postulates that Galaxies are in reality Solar Systems with one star in the Center, and planets, planetoids, etc. etc. etc. surrounding them. These Galaxies are not hundreds or billions of light years away, but much, much closer, perhaps in the magnitudes of light hours, not years away. Now if we combine these two models, with the Concave earth model as modified in this post, then the Earth would be a molten lava star that emits heat and light, among other quantic particles or electromagnetic frequencies toward the outside, but is habitable in the inside. Inside we can somehow see in our inner sky, a reflection or image of the universe outside. Yet , this model, as perceive from within the Earth, would be easily confuse with , almost indistinguishable, from the orthodox model, Quite hard to tell them apart: till you try to get outside.If you try, you will fail miserably time and time again, till you find the right way to do it, and then, once you do get outside, you will find the universe you expected, but as you look back, the world you leave behind, will not be a planet, but a glowing star! But once the correct route or way to get out is found, the formulas use to calculate the outgoing trajectory will be modified, and not even a scientist will notice the difference. Except that, if you look back at the right moment and under the right conditions, the planet you will be living behind will be a glowing star! Under this model the Universe might be as big as orthodox science says, but the closer galaxies will be much closer than we ever imagine, the stars would be glowing molten lava spheres, and we would be living inside the central star of the milky way solar system. The Earth and the sun would be one, at the center of the galaxy..... This model of course, is a work of creative imagination. Hope somebody with the right expertise and time, will fill in the details. Three things that need to be explained are, (1) how can we, living on the inside can see, in our inner sky a reflection of the universe outside? (2) If we are living inside a sun, which actually is an sphere of molten lava on the outside, but habitable on the inside, what then is the sun we see in our inner sky? and (3) If the outside surface of our planet/sun is molten lava, and its atmosphere gets so hot, how can space vehicles from earth are able to get outside?.... Am I debunking my own theory?, perhaps. Perhaps the outside of this sphere we live in is not that hot, perhaps the Earth is not the sun, but just a planet orbiting the sun, and a moon orbiting the earth. Perhaps all this alternatives cosmologies are just useless bull ... Who knows... Anyhow I hope you get the point. My point is that the present official cosmology is not perfect. Allegedly there are some contradictions within it. A Concave Earth cosmology may help us to explain some of them. But first we must simplify the Concave System model. Trying to fit the entire universe within the inner sky of this concave earth is just too much. Too much data and research that needs to be discarded. A universe of complexity is added to the system. All that complexity is not needed, if we want to understand and develop this Concave Cosmology, we must simplify it first and accommodate it within the cosmology we have come to understand. So we leave the Universe outside, and picture the concave earth as another cosmic body in the infinite sky. Similar to the hollow earth theory, but with the difference that we live on the inside, concave surface and not on the outside convex surface. We must also discard the Inner Sun and Inner moon as actual objects in the inner sky and envision and explain them as the reflection, on the inner sky, of the outside universe. The combination with various alternative cosmologies, has the effect of turning the Concave Earth into a Sun and center of an entire galaxy, albeit much smaller than the galaxies postulated by orthodox science. An infinite universe without black holes or relativity... but with distances between galaxies that can be travel by human means, within human lifespans. A cosmology that makes the Star Trek, Star Wars and BattleStar Galactica worlds possible. After all orthodox science seems to have close all the doors for our imagination to expand in a way that we can understand and envision. The Cosmos we live in have become alien and incomprehensible. At variance with what our religious inner self have accepted as truth. These new alternatives cosmologies seek to fill that void. To describe the world in a way that we can understand and relate to. In a way where our imagination once again can fly without living God, our faith and theology, behind.

miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2015

El Papa, Obama y sus Invitados

La fe cristiana, cuando menos en su version fundamentalista, dice que Dios es el que quita y pone reyes.

Les pregunto pues, a los hermanos cristianos fundamentalistas, por que puso Dios a Obama en la presidencia de Estados Unidos?

Desde el punto de vista de alguien que defiende, desde la perspectiva de la fe y la teologica, los derechos de la comunidad lgbt, me atreveria decir que Dios lo puso alli para que defienda y adelante los derechos humanos de esa comunidad. De hecho, esto es lo que mejor ha hecho Obama.... y es por esto que generaciones futuras, unos a favor y otros en contra lo habran de recordar.

Y porque sera que Obama defiende tanto a esta comunidad? Las malas lenguas dicen una cosa, sus amigos dicen otras. Si es un santo o un demonio, eso no lo se. Dios a veces usa personas muy buenas, y a veces usa personas no tan buenas para fines especificos.

Tomen el caso de Hitler. Si no hubiese existido un Hitler en Europa durante los años del 1920 and 35, el comunismo internacionalista hubiese ascendido al poder en Alemania y desde alli se hubiese extendido a los demas paises de Europa. En ese tiempo al comunismo se le veia como una utopia de justicia y hermandad, que estaba disponible y se podia alcanzar por medios legales, electorales. Asi lo querian alcanzar en Alemania. Hitler los detuvo.

Desde entonces, y ante sus muchos fracasos, el comunismo ha quedado en desprestigio, pero aun asi, nuevas versiones del mismo siguen siendo promovidas a lo largo y ancho del mundo. Como utopia de paz y justicia sigue teniendo su atractivo. Desgraciadamente se queda en eso, en una utopia teorica que, cuando se implementa en la practica eventualmente se malogra, se daña y se pudre....

Pero eso no se sabia en la decada de los 20 y 30 en Europa. Asi que si no hubiese surgido en Europa un Hitler, con su viceral actitud en contra del comunismo, su enorme popularidad y su caracter ireductible y temerario, el comunismo se hubiese quedado con el mundo. Hitler lo impidio.

Y luego, en la los años del 35 al 45, si Hitler no hubiese atacado a Rusia comunista cuando lo hizo, si hubiese esperado unas semanas mas, los rusos hubiesen atacado primero y con su enorme ejercito, mucho mas grande de lo que el mismo Hitler se imaginaba, y teniendo la ventaja del ataque inicial, hubiesen aplastado a Alemania en poco tiempo, y como en aquel tiempo NADIE mas estaba preparado para una guerra de esa envergadura, el ejercito comunista en poco tiempo hubiesen conquistado toda Europa, incluyendo a Inglaterra misma.

Fue la invasion Alemania al territorio Ruso, y la terquedad de Hitler de morir peleando, pero sin retroceder un pelo, lo que salvo a Europa de la invasion comunista rusa.

En resumidas cuentas, si no hubiese existido Hitler, quien hubiese detenido a Stalin?

Habiendo dicho esto, si Hitler fue un santo o un demonio, esos son otros cinco pesos. La tragedia que sobrecogio a los judios europeos durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y la creencia popular que esta fue el resultado de un plan friamente pensado e implementado por los nazis para exterminar a los judios, han demonizado la figura de Hitler ante el mundo. Esto es tanto asi, que poner en duda la teoria judia sobre las causas, el desarrollo y las consecuencias de esa tragedia, es un delito castigable con carcel en la mayoria de los paises del mundo.

Pero como a mi no me gusta que otro piense por mi, he estudiado el tema y creo entender muy bien las causas, los actores el desarrollo y las consecuencias de esa tragedia. Sin señalar directamente a los culpables creo firmemente que la sangre de los inocentes aun clama a Dios desde la tierra, y en su dia Jehova Dios hara justicia.

Si Hitler fue un santo o un demonio, ya Dios juzgo eso, y lo tiene donde corresponde. En lo que para mi no cabe duda es que Hitler fue un instrumento usado por Dios para detener al comunismo ateo y enemigo de Dios, que surgio y se desarrollo durante las primeras decadas del siglo 20.

Algo parecido con Obama. Muchos fundamentalistas afirman que Obama es el anticristo, o cuando menos un instrumento satanico para destruir la Iglesia. No comparto esa opinion. Creo que Obama es una persona con virtudes y defectos, que Dios llevo al poder para que le hiciera justicia a unas minorias que estaban siendo aplastadas por la sociedad. Creo que esa labor la ha cumplido bastante bien. Fuera de eso, no conozco a Obama personalmente, y estoy en desacuerdo con muchas de sus ideas. En cuanto a su vida intima, su orientacion sexual, su ideologia politica, sus raices religiosas, su lugar de nacimiento, etc, etc, por la internet circulan muchos rumores, cada cual que juzgue y evalue desde su punto de vista.

Creo pues que habiendo sido puesto por Dios en la presidencia con un proposito especifico; No me extraña que Obama utilize la visita papal para elevar los reclamos de la comunidad LGBT al mas alto nivel de la jerarquia catolica...

lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

A New Concave Earth Cosmology System

Dear friend;

Hereby I present a New concave earth theory you may like to play with. I may have various reasons to postulate and publish this theory. Perhaps, my site on politics and religion, Desde Ponce, is not getting as many visitors as I would like, and adding a new hot topic to it, may attract a few more. Perhaps, I just took a tour of the many sites on the Internet and YouTube that seek to redefined the cosmos as we know it. Flat Earth theories, Concave Earth theories, visions, dreams, dreamers and visionaries.  

Who would have told our fathers, that in the 21st century people would be promoting a flat earth model, or that the old Hollow Earth and Concave Earth cosmologies of the 19th century would be making a comeback, at least in the surreal world of YouTube Conspiracies.

So here is yet another alternative science cosmology system that combines the geocentric and heliocentric models into one. Just remember, this is a preliminary post on this theory, just a first draft and, as such, it is not perfect. Further refining is needed. But as I have many other things to do and write about, this might be my only contribution to this cosmology model. If you like it, develop and adapt it to your understanding and viewpoint.


Assuming that the earth is concave, and we live on the inside of it, as so many are postulating in YouTube, we may take this theory a few steps further. Direct research shows that the deeper you dig, the hotter it becomes. It also shows that there is a lot of magma down there.... so assuming we dig deep enough to get to the outer surface of this concave earth, we may find.... perhaps... a surface... of boiling magma!

Now if you go to www.thenewphysics.com you will find an interesting theory that says that the sun and other stars are empty spheres of boiling magma... The light emitted by these stars is generated not in the magma surface but in the atmosphere of the sun/star, thru the combination of various electric, electromagnetic, anti-gravity and antimatter interactions. So if we combine these two new alternative science hypothesis, we may conclude that planet earth is actually a star: boiling magma on the outside and habitable in the inside. Now the traditional hollow earth theory states that there are two holes at the geographical poles of the earth globe whereby we can get in and out of the inner earth. For those who believe we live on the outside of the globe, then the polar openings are our way in; yet if we do believe, or assume for the sake if this conversation that we live in the inside of the concave earth, then the polar openings are our way out.... Perhaps, there is only one opening.... at the south pole. Of course if the outer surface of the earth is boiling magma, it would be awfully hot. Yet according to www.thenewphysics.com theory, the surface of the outer earth is not super super hot, but the extreme high temperatures in the sun arise in the atmosphere of the sun, via various electric, electromagnetic and anti-gravity, antimatter interactions. Now, the atmosphere of the sun is not static, it moves back and forth, if flows around the globe, so, from the point of view of this conversation we may assume that periodically the area on top of the polar entrance becomes uncover and cold enough to allow objects, and even man made space machines, satellites, etc to leave and enter back into the inner space.

Yet when they leave, they would have to do it real fast, and once they are out, if they look back they will see a shining sun, not the blue earth orthodox astronomy postulates. Of course, if a space station or satellite only goes to the top of the inner concave earth atmosphere, they will only see the inner firmament, yet if a properly built satellite or space ship is propelled in the right direction it may get into the outer side of the concave earth.... We must remember that the breathable earth atmosphere is a surface thing almost like a small thin layer. Beyond it, the traditional cosmology model have other layers and, eventually, interplanetary space. In the concave earth model, the breathable atmosphere would also be a thin inner layer, and beyond it, a vast inner space would be present. Other concave earth models postulate that the entire universe, as we perceive it, is enclosed therein. I would not go that far. So you may do your own research and populate that inner space as your knowledge and understanding leads you. A concept taken from metaphysics is the old principles that "as above so below" Applying this principle here, the sky on top of the inner earth atmosphere would be an actual representation of the sky outside of the sphere..... When a satellite or space vehicle gets out of the concave earth we live in, it will find a planetary system very similar to the one we see in our inner earth sky. Yet, there would be no planet earth there, only a sun at the center, as presented in www.thenewphysics.com, theory and the other planets, asteroids etc. etc. as postulated by the traditional solar system model... Now what about the two luminaries we see in our sky, the two luminaries we called The Sun and the Moon.... well they could be part of the reflection of the outer sky in our inner firmament, or they could be part of the matter generating process that takes place at the center of the concave earth sphere, as postulated by Neal Adams based on the "pair production" theory. For more info on Neal Adams theory, you may search YouTube for "Neal Adams - The Growing Earth and Universe" found at the "Natural Philosophy Alliance" channel.

For now, this is it. Just a preliminary presentation of a new concave earth model... In other words, It is getting late, I have other things to do before going to be, and would have to get up before sunrise in the morning. So take this as a starting point, and built upon it your own cosmology.
Just remember that this solar system model, combines many of the characteristics of the previous models, including the geocentric, the heliocentric, the concave and even the flat earth models. The earth, after all, is not be a perfect sphere, or plane as postulated by the flat earth model, and localized variations may cause phenomena that may seem to validate all kinds of cosmology systems. The beauty of alternative science theories ( called pseudoscience by orthodox science defenders) is that you don't have to follow orthodox dogma, or present a perfect all encompassing theory to start with, but may adapt and integrate many alternative theories to your knowledge level and point of view. Eventually, of course, the best theory should win, or if none of the present theories win, another theory may emerge that supersede the previous ones. In other words, take this theory and run with it. Let your educated imagination fly and take you places you may have never been before. Just remember to keep your feet on the ground and your faith in God, and please, no matter what, don't jump out of the window, as a guy, who dreamed that he had turned into air, once did... and Mecano made millions with it. Aire, soñe por un momento que era aire.....