The Nation to be born In Revelation 12 is the same one who Received the Kingdom in Revelation 5

The Prophecy of the Book of Revelation is not about individuals, but about nations and other collective entities. Revelation 12: The Woman is the Church. The child is a nation about to be born into the world. The Dragon is an invisible collective entity that has had great control upon mankind since they days of old, always exerting  a controlling influence upon  human empires, trying to destroy that new nation before she is  born. Check which Christian Nation is not recognized as a Nation yet, has September 23rd as her main nationalistic day, and The  Lion/Lamb of Revelation 5, in  her shield of Arms?  Ask yourself who is the main World Empire of this era and under whose influence it is  acting.

 Some people say that hurricanes Irma and Maria were manufactured using  weather modification techniques, by Whom? Against Whom were they sent?  About what date?

On September 20, 2017, Maria hit PR; Three days of darkness passed  before the world awoke to the magnitude of the destruction.  A nation to be born and an Empire ready to devour (its population) and destroy that nation before she is born....  Check the news,  the biggest natural disaster in USA history. The big population shift. The  historic refusal by Washington to acknowledge PR as a nation, a country on her own.

The Dragon  is not the United States, but uses the Federal Government of the United States to impose its will upon mankind.

And yet, why would that Old Dragon  manifesting itself thru the Federal Government of the United States, would want to destroy that new nation  just as she is about to be born?  Perhaps because God intends to take that New nation to a higher level and manifest his Higher will thru them. Perhaps because the Old People had their opportunity and rejected it. Since Exodus time God told Moses that Israel were disobedient and HE will raise another nation to do his will. The background, the  genesis, the development, the birth of that nation into world consciousness, that is the central theme of prophecy since the times of Old.  And Mar-YAH [in Aramaic)]  incarnated, took human form, to prepare the way, the womb, the cradle (The Church) where that would happened. Perhaps PR is that new people that will fulfilled the ultimate purpose  God had for the first people since the very beginning. That is why the Dragon wants to destroy them.

The Old People, that old nation will still have a role to play  here on earth, during the Millennium.  An extremely important role. They'll have a story to tell... But the higher purpose they were created for, requires that you volunteer for it, and they did not. Even when it was offered to them, they still rejected it, and crucified  the divine messenger, Mar-YAH himself,  that brought the offer to them.

[They tried to kill him forever, but In three days he returned to his wounded and massacred body and dressed on that same human body he had been born into, 40 days latter returned to his throne in heaven, to the right side of Alahah, the Divine/Spiritual father, the Original source and final authority  upon all. Soon he, Mar-YAH, will return to pass the keys of the Kingdom to the people, the spiritual nation that will thereafter guide this world. And everyone will agree with that decision, and bow their knees to it.]

.... Israel rejected that honor, and  their decision was accepted. They will still be blessed. They will still have a role to play in the prophetic drama. They will have a story to tell... But the higher purpose, the higher role they had been chosen for, will be fulfilled by another people, by another nation that will, and already have,  volunteer for it.

September 23rd 2017, as specified by the sign in heaven  recorded in  Revelation 12 is a prophetic landmark. It is not that the prophetic event would  have occurred in that exact date. But around that date would start the big attempt by the Dragon of old,  to destroy the new nation... but that  new nation will be taken for the service of the Kingdom of God....  this is not a one day event, but a process that will extend over a historic period of time. The nation whose symbol is the Lamb of God has been  singled out, by the Dragon itself,  for destruction. Would you stand aside and  let it happened? God will certainly intervene. But on what side  of the conflict will you be found?
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