Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Sexual Function of the Orgone Energy Accumulator

The Function of the Orgasm is a book published by Wilhelm Reich in the 40's where Reich introduced his psychoanalytic theories culminating with the discovery of Orgone energy.

La Funcion del Orgasmo, es un libro publicado por Wilhelm Reich en la decada de los 40 donde  presentaba una introduccion a sus teorias psicoanaliticas culminando con el descubrimiento de la energia del orgon. 

Since then much has been written about the book, about the orgone and about the life of Wilhelm Reich. He has many followers among them psychologists, sociologists and psychoanalysts. But the theory related to the orgone energy remains where Reich developed it, back in the 50's. Till now.

Desde entonces mucho se ha escrito sobre este libro, sobre el orgone y sobre la vida de Wilhelm Reich.  Son muchas las personas que siguen sus ideas, entre ellos destacados psicologos, sociologos y psicoanalistas. Pero la teoria en la que se basa todo lo referente al orgone sigue donde la llevo Wilhelm Reich. En eso no ha habido ningun desarrollo apreciable. Hasta ahora.

In my blog, The Madman Prophet, I share an actualization of Reich's Orgone theory where the environmental origin of orgasm anxiety is reveal.  This orgasm anxiety is the source of the character rigidity and muscular armour that have caused so much pain and agony to mankind.

 En mi blog The Madman Pophet comparto una actualizacion de esta teoria donde  se expande la misma, y se revela el origen ambiental de la ansiedad orgasmica de la cual se nutre la rigidez del caracter y la armadura y rigidez muscular que tanto daño le ha hecho a la humanidad.

Not only is the environmental source of orgasm anxiety  revealed, but there is also a practical solution to overcome it. You are thus invited to read The Sexual Function of the Orgone Energy Accumulator found at The Madman Prophet blog. But remember I am responsible for my own madness, not yours.

NO solo se revela el  origen ambiental, de la ansiedad orgasmica,  sino que tambien se ofrece una solucion practica y sencilla para subsanar ese problema. Les invito pues a buscar The Sexual Function of the Orgone Energy Accumulator, en mi otro blog, The Madman Prophet.
Pero recuerden, yo me hago responsable de mi propia locura, no la de ustedes.

One would need to be crazy to even think about sleeping inside an orgone energy accumulator built like a funeral box. They might take us for Dracula! And if we add some sand, previously heated to incandescent, and  cool down to room temperature of course, to the bottom of the coffin,  it would be even more surreal. But sand heated to incandescent does releases a bit more of orgone energy, Reich's original investigation found out.

 Habria que estar loco para  dormir dentro de un acumulador de energia orgone construido en forma de un ataud. Ni que fueramos Dracula, digo y si se le pone un poco de arema en el fondo, que previamente haya sido calentada hasta la incandescencia, y enfriada a la temperatura del ambiente, claro esta, me imagino que seria mucho mas effectivo. Digo segun las investigaciones originales de  Wilhelm Reich la arena calentada hasta la incandescencia, emite energia orgone  en buenas cantidades.

SO there you have it. An actualization of Reich's Orgone Theory. Opening the door for new and interesting research. Just dive in if you dare.

Ahi  la tienen, una actualizacion de la Teoria del Orgone de Wilhelm Reich. Habriendo la puerta a nuevas y mas interesantes aventura de investigacion. Tirense.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Modified gas trimmer blade: Simple DIY project turns your gas trimmer into a super powerful brushwhacker

A modified 10 inch, carbide  trimmer blade, adding to it six M6 one inch long bolts with their corresponding nuts and washers,  nut-driver needed, and two 9 inch long pieces of trimmer line, as per the pictures below. You may use any diameter trimmer line, but I prefer the thicker 0.155" trimmer line, for the line pieces will last a long time before  needing replacement . Thinner line brakes more often, depending on how you use your trimmer. This modified  blade can  be  attached to a gas trimmer, 25cc or higher  recommended, using the  blade add on mechanism recommended by the trimmer manufacturer, and presto, you have turned the trimmer into a super-powerful brushwhacker.  

The trimmer blade, bolts, nuts,  washer, nut-driver, and trimmer line my be bought at eBay, Amazon or any other  store, online or offline, that sell gas trimmer parts.   If the blade has no holes for the  bolts, you will have to bore them yourself, easily done if you have the proper equipment. [blades are made of hardened steel]. Carbide tipped  trimmer blades with plenty of  holes can be purchase at eBay for less than 15 dollars, shipping included. There is where I got the one shown in the pictures; that one is old,  I bought it brand new a long time ago. It has cleared over a mile of overgrowth, and have lost most of its carbide tips. Even this old,  it works great. The teeth can just be resharpened with an angle grinder.  But if you want to look sharp, a brand new, shining blade,  cost less than 15 bucks, shipping included.  

Everything wear out over time, so order enough  parts for replacements and to make extra modified blades for you and  your friends. Once they see you using your modified trimmer blade, they will want to buy a couple.  Be ready to please them,  and make a  few extra dollars in the process.



Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Going back to the top

Going back to the top. The only question is how much pain I'll have to endure in the process and how lonely it will be.  As long as nobody else gets hurt and everyone gets a blessing from it: It will be OK for me. So let stop talking and get going. May 2018 be a great year for all of you.