Monday, February 13, 2017

The USA Embassy in Jerusalem: Trump should build it big, Impenetrable, and in the right place!

If Donald Trump is a good or a bad person, God knows that. From the look of it the way he speaks is kind of disrespectful, specially about and to woman. Don't know if he has ever committed physical abuse, but verbal abuse is kind of a given.  Yet other presidents have been accused of even worst things.

Now, the way Trump won is miraculous. Let me explain, the electoral system in the United States is design so that the people vote and then the elite elect the president. Normally both parties will cheat, lie, steal votes, etc. etc. etc., till they finally decide who they want as president.  This time was different. To start with, the obvious Republican party candidate was George Bush. A good Governor, that projected a better image than his father and brother. But somehow he did not click with the public and left the Republican primary early.

Trump, on the other hand, became the people's candidate from the very day he announce his candidacy.  Why? Because he took the bull by the horns, he committed himself from day one to deal with the one issue that have bothered Americans for decades, and no one seamed willing to deal with it:  Illegal Immigration and how the American Worker, the average person who worked hard a whole life to make American what America came to be, were being push aside and replaced by illegal workers, brought in by an illegal mafia, mainly thru the USA-Mexican border. Trump promise that he would put an end to that. That is why the baby boomers, the largest voting block in America,  saw Trump as their champion.  [I may say our champion for within the American experience I am  a baby boomer.] The one that will defend our cause.

 [To clarify things: I am not in the States, I am in Puerto Rico, and I am a Puerto Rican nationalist/patriot, so even if I were there I would not participate in US internal politics, but I have been there and share the baby boomers experience.]

Now, one thing is to win a primary, another thing is to become president. As I said before both parties know how to bend the rules, how to cheat, lie and still, to get their candidates elected.  The problem for Trump was that the powers that be at both parties were against him, and they were cheating, lying and stilling votes to make sure that he would never become president.  Yes there was electoral fraud. I would say about 5 millions individuals who were either illegal immigrants or otherwise unqualified to vote, did vote, for Hillary. Normally the cheating lying and stilling is done by both parties, each one to benefit its own candidate. This time they did it to stop Trump from becoming President. And they failed.

On election day, Trump was aware that he was ahead in the pools, as he has been for several days, on pools that were never released to the public. But he also knew that it would take a miracle to overcome the bipartisan cheating against him. But somehow, he won. I am fully convince that God intervened, to get him elected. Why?

I believe God choose him to be president for two main things. (1) To bring the immigration system under control and yes, to built the wall on the south border as an integral part of that system;  and (2) To move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.  In reality Israel has a dual capital, the real one is Tel Aviv, the symbolic one is Jerusalem. The Jerusalem capital is needed to keep the religious people happy and the myth about the miraculous restoration of Israel to their promised land, alive. But yet, Israel was built by European Ashkenazi immigrants.  They look to Europe as their natural ally and see themselves as an extension of Europe in the Middle East.  So their natural capital is Tel Aviv: The modern European Enclave in the Mediterranean Coast of the Holy Land.

So even thou they would say that they would like all countries to bring their embassies to Jerusalem, in reality that creates a problem for them. Each embassy represent a piece of land, in Jerusalem that will function as sovereign territory of another country, most of them gentiles, non Jew, nations.

Now Trump's plan to move the USA embassy to Jerusalem changes all that. A brand new, modern  USA Embassy in such a conflicting place will have to be BIG, and well protected, more than an Embassy it will be a fortress. An american fortress in the midst of Jerusalem. How would that work  under The  Trump Administration? What about future administrations that will not be so friendly with Israel? Finally and according to Christian eschatology what would happened after the rapture of the Church and the emergence of the Antichrist?

The Jews want to rebuilt their Temple. The one that was destroyed by the Romans when they defeated rebellious Israel and ended the siege of their capital city. Most people believe that this temple was on top of the platform where the Al-Asqsa Mosque is now located.  Some argue that this Mosque is in the exact location where the Temple was. So the Mosque would have to be destroyed for the New Jewish Temple to be built.  Others think differently.  They believe that the exact location is to the side of the Mosque, so that the Temple could be built and both the Mosque and the Temple could coexist. Now if the Zionist would really wanted to built the Temple, they would merely need to find some old manuscript or stone inscription [real or manufacture] that gives the exact location of the temple, proving that it was not at the exact point where the Mosque was built, so that the Temple can be built to the side of the Mosque, without disrupting the Mosque daily routine.

Yet there a third view on this. Other scholars believe that on the platform where the Mosque now is, there was never a Jewish Temple, but a Roman fortress.  That the Jewish Temple was on an entire different location in Jerusalem, but, as Isha/Yeshua/Jesus prophesied, that temple was complete destroyed so that not a single stone was left of it. The specific location of that temple was lost.... Nobody knows where it was  located..... and remember, Trump will need a place in Jerusalem to built the  American Embassy.... May God lead him to the right location.

Another strong possibility is the Mount of Olives. A central eschatological place for Jews, Muslims and Christians.  What if the USA Fortress-Embassy is built on the Mount of Olives? How would that fit withing the eschatological framework.

My view point on the identity of the Antichrist is that the Antichrist IS the State of Israel itself. In the original Aramaic that was spoken in the area in the days of Jesus. The language in which the disciples heard the gospel, preach it and wrote it, the term is not Anti Christ but FALSE Christ. The idea is that it will not be somebody who is primarily against Jesus, but somebody who would be a false Messiah, a false Savior for the Jewish people.

Now the Zionist movement is not a religious movement, but a nationalist movement. Its founders were not religious people but secular humanist.  A secular humanist is a person who see religion as a man made cultural manifestation. In other words they do not believe in the existence of God, but see religion institutions and believes as cultural manifestations that can and should be used to advance their own sociological/nationalistic ideas. For the Zionists there is no God sent Messiah that will come to deliver Israel, but Israel must deliver itself. They conceived a Zionist State as the incarnation of that determination of the Jewish people to defend itself and impose itself upon mankind. The Zionist State of Israel was for them, literally speaking their own man-made Messiah, their Savior.

For them that, then, future Zionist State was their savior. For most of the Jewish religious leaders at the end of the 19th century, it was a blasphemy. An act of rebellion before and against God. Unfortunately, most of that religious leadership that was against the creation of the Zionist State, was killed during the Great Tragedy that engulfed European Jewry during the 2nd World War. The Zionist won that one, and a few years latter created their Savior, their literal Messiah, their Zionist State.

So, for me, the State of Israel is indeed the False Messiah of Judaism, better known as the Antichrist.  If so,  what would it mean in prophetic terms, for the United States to have an Embassy/Fortress in  or near Jerusalem itself. Think about it.

Trump determination to built a US Embassy in the area of Jerusalem is a historic eschatological event. One I believe comes from God. Let us pray that God himself will guide him to stand firm on this, and to choose the right place where to build this fortress; this American, Christian Fortress facing the place where the Antichrist  will declare himself god and demand worship. Would it be in this American Fortress that the two witness of Revelation will exercise their prophetic ministry for 3 and a half years? Probably.