Thursday, November 24, 2016

When hell came visiting... last time

Dedicated to all the Meniere's sufferers, worldwide.

When hell came visiting....
last time
I had been so sure it was gone forever
that took me by surprise

My ear rang like hell
my guts lost all control
I vomited till there
there was nothing more to throw up.

The entire world was spinning
my mind was under a fog
time was standing still
and hell was raging on

Eventually will end
this hell am going thru
I kept telling myself
and a daemon within
kept laughing while repeating
what if now it never stop.

all confidence melted away
and tears came to my eyes
God, please stop this hell
God, give me a respite.

eventually a respite came,
hell departed from me
It left me shaking, scared
unstable, light footed
truly feeling like shit.

For others hell might be
a cancer, an aids
a love that ends,
a terrible disease.

For me it has a name
Meniere's Syndrome...
Meniere's Disease.

I hope now it is gone forever
I hope it will not return
but a whisper deep in my inner ear
tells me hey!, I am hiding here....
When you less expects me
I shall return to thee