Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Please, Pray for Efrain, and Raschke Too!

PLEASE. Pray for Efrain, that God will give him strength to overcome this moment. And to seek refuge in God, in humility, in prayer, In fasting; that God may disclose to him any hidden sin or imperfection in his Christian life, or ministry, and that under the guidance of the Holy Spirit those flaws will be corrected.

Please postponed judgment on him. There are things that need to be worked out. In real life things are not as simple and straightforward as the Books on Systematic Theology, back in the seminary would suggest. Raschke has a family. A younger woman who loves him dearly, a beautiful son about 6 years old, I think he is. Two adult daughter from his first marriage. There are thousands of people who see him as "The man of God for our times". So, to cut him away in a sudden way would be to hurt them, the little ones, just too much too soon. I pray that God will not cut him away but restore him.


Today Raschke  had a choice to make. And he made it. He had a message that have been the same for a long time. In summary, if the Governor is from his political party, he would preach a message of support. "God is the one who sets and takes away kings. So if this man was elected, is because he is chosen by God to lead this country. We most pray for him that God will give him wisdom and strength to lead us to a better future."

 Yet if the Governor is from the opposite party he will go 100 percent against him. Quoting the Bible out of context to support his political agenda. Demonizing him. Character assassination at its best.  Presenting delusional arguments as facts. And then, he would ask his followers to vote in the next elections for the best candidates who support the Church [and the Christian agenda as defined by Raschke, of course]. I was hoping he would change that. But he did not.
 Today early in the morning I tune in, on the tunein application on my tablet, to the Clamor A Dios radio station. It was a festive environment, mimicking the secular morning programs.  I did not like it. So I turned it off. I was thinking then to tunein latter on to hear Raschke preach. I have prayed to God that Raschke would be given a second chance, to change for good. But later I felt moved by the Spirit not to tune in. 

Just a few hours ago I came, on the internet, upon a Local Newspaper summary of the event. The way the secular reporter wrote, it would seems Raschke have keep the same message but was gentler in his delivery. Based on that summary I wrote a small reply. Hoping that indeed Raschke was changing.

Then about an hour ago, I finally went to Youtube to hear the message Raschke preached today. Knowing from the newspaper summary what he had preached about, I wanted to get a feeling for his mood and style. Honestly: worst that ever.  He keeps mixing his own political views and party affiliation with the message. Insinuating that the People should turn against the present Puerto Rico Government Administration in a violent way. No he did not say that. But insinuated it. Which is worst. 

The same old routine. Gives all the arguments that lead to a logical conclusion, but leave the conclusion out. So that it would take a while for everything to come together in the mind of the listener, and then, perhaps a few hours, perhaps a few days latter, the listener would come to the conclusion that the preacher wanted, but then it would seem that the listener came to that conclusion by him or herself. Pure manipulation. Not the way a preacher should preach.

He had done the same thing last December, saying then that God had shown him that there was a plot to kill the Governor, but following that with a diatribe against the Governor, basically justifying those that would want to kill  him. The subtle psychology was simple: We Christians cannot do it, but it would be justified  to do it... so if you are not a Christians but just a sympathizer... here is a way to help the Church.... I was disgusted then. And I am disgusted now. The same politician using the Bible to push his political agenda, from the pulpit. The same arguments he used then, he repeated now.

And that in the first few minutes of his message.  I could  take it no more. So I stop the video. From the newspaper I knew what he would be talking about next.

[Yet In his words I found something else.] Please pray for Raschke. Sometimes I get offended by some of the things he says and how he says them. Yet he loves the Lord, and has worked his entire life for him. [But I saw something in his words, that tells me that he is getting too close to something dangerous for him.] I don't what him to fall in a bad way. To fall into something that would discredit and bring even more pain to his children and his present wife. Better would be if the Lord retires him in a gentle way. At 71 a life of quietude, raising his son and supporting newer ministers in the Lord. Away from the limelight and the pulpit. With his virtues and flaws, he has served the Lord an entire life.  I would not like him to go down in judgement, the pain on his children, his wife, his relatives and those who still support him would be too great. Please pray for him.

Please, pray for them. Please pray for us.... all. Amen.