Monday, August 31, 2015

A New Concave Earth Cosmology System

Dear friend;

Hereby I present a New concave earth theory you may like to play with. I may have various reasons to postulate and publish this theory. Perhaps, my site on politics and religion, Desde Ponce, is not getting as many visitors as I would like, and adding a new hot topic to it, may attract a few more. Perhaps, I just took a tour of the many sites on the Internet and YouTube that seek to redefined the cosmos as we know it. Flat Earth theories, Concave Earth theories, visions, dreams, dreamers and visionaries.  

Who would have told our fathers, that in the 21st century people would be promoting a flat earth model, or that the old Hollow Earth and Concave Earth cosmologies of the 19th century would be making a comeback, at least in the surreal world of YouTube Conspiracies.

So here is yet another alternative science cosmology system that combines the geocentric and heliocentric models into one. Just remember, this is a preliminary post on this theory, just a first draft and, as such, it is not perfect. Further refining is needed. But as I have many other things to do and write about, this might be my only contribution to this cosmology model. If you like it, develop and adapt it to your understanding and viewpoint.


Assuming that the earth is concave, and we live on the inside of it, as so many are postulating in YouTube, we may take this theory a few steps further. Direct research shows that the deeper you dig, the hotter it becomes. It also shows that there is a lot of magma down there.... so assuming we dig deep enough to get to the outer surface of this concave earth, we may find.... perhaps... a surface... of boiling magma!

Now if you go to you will find an interesting theory that says that the sun and other stars are empty spheres of boiling magma... The light emitted by these stars is generated not in the magma surface but in the atmosphere of the sun/star, thru the combination of various electric, electromagnetic, anti-gravity and antimatter interactions. So if we combine these two new alternative science hypothesis, we may conclude that planet earth is actually a star: boiling magma on the outside and habitable in the inside. Now the traditional hollow earth theory states that there are two holes at the geographical poles of the earth globe whereby we can get in and out of the inner earth. For those who believe we live on the outside of the globe, then the polar openings are our way in; yet if we do believe, or assume for the sake if this conversation that we live in the inside of the concave earth, then the polar openings are our way out.... Perhaps, there is only one opening.... at the south pole. Of course if the outer surface of the earth is boiling magma, it would be awfully hot. Yet according to theory, the surface of the outer earth is not super super hot, but the extreme high temperatures in the sun arise in the atmosphere of the sun, via various electric, electromagnetic and anti-gravity, antimatter interactions. Now, the atmosphere of the sun is not static, it moves back and forth, if flows around the globe, so, from the point of view of this conversation we may assume that periodically the area on top of the polar entrance becomes uncover and cold enough to allow objects, and even man made space machines, satellites, etc to leave and enter back into the inner space.

Yet when they leave, they would have to do it real fast, and once they are out, if they look back they will see a shining sun, not the blue earth orthodox astronomy postulates. Of course, if a space station or satellite only goes to the top of the inner concave earth atmosphere, they will only see the inner firmament, yet if a properly built satellite or space ship is propelled in the right direction it may get into the outer side of the concave earth.... We must remember that the breathable earth atmosphere is a surface thing almost like a small thin layer. Beyond it, the traditional cosmology model have other layers and, eventually, interplanetary space. In the concave earth model, the breathable atmosphere would also be a thin inner layer, and beyond it, a vast inner space would be present. Other concave earth models postulate that the entire universe, as we perceive it, is enclosed therein. I would not go that far. So you may do your own research and populate that inner space as your knowledge and understanding leads you. A concept taken from metaphysics is the old principles that "as above so below" Applying this principle here, the sky on top of the inner earth atmosphere would be an actual representation of the sky outside of the sphere..... When a satellite or space vehicle gets out of the concave earth we live in, it will find a planetary system very similar to the one we see in our inner earth sky. Yet, there would be no planet earth there, only a sun at the center, as presented in, theory and the other planets, asteroids etc. etc. as postulated by the traditional solar system model... Now what about the two luminaries we see in our sky, the two luminaries we called The Sun and the Moon.... well they could be part of the reflection of the outer sky in our inner firmament, or they could be part of the matter generating process that takes place at the center of the concave earth sphere, as postulated by Neal Adams based on the "pair production" theory. For more info on Neal Adams theory, you may search YouTube for "Neal Adams - The Growing Earth and Universe" found at the "Natural Philosophy Alliance" channel.

For now, this is it. Just a preliminary presentation of a new concave earth model... In other words, It is getting late, I have other things to do before going to be, and would have to get up before sunrise in the morning. So take this as a starting point, and built upon it your own cosmology.
Just remember that this solar system model, combines many of the characteristics of the previous models, including the geocentric, the heliocentric, the concave and even the flat earth models. The earth, after all, is not be a perfect sphere, or plane as postulated by the flat earth model, and localized variations may cause phenomena that may seem to validate all kinds of cosmology systems. The beauty of alternative science theories ( called pseudoscience by orthodox science defenders) is that you don't have to follow orthodox dogma, or present a perfect all encompassing theory to start with, but may adapt and integrate many alternative theories to your knowledge level and point of view. Eventually, of course, the best theory should win, or if none of the present theories win, another theory may emerge that supersede the previous ones. In other words, take this theory and run with it. Let your educated imagination fly and take you places you may have never been before. Just remember to keep your feet on the ground and your faith in God, and please, no matter what, don't jump out of the window, as a guy, who dreamed that he had turned into air, once did... and Mecano made millions with it. Aire, soñe por un momento que era aire.....