jueves, 28 de agosto de 2014

Please Pray for Raschke

Earlier today, I took a walk, went to a close-by bank to pay some bills. In my way there and back God gave me understanding about something. We must not think that God will have to physically kill Raschke   on September 1st in order to satisfy Efrain Rodriguez judgement on him.  When God warns somebody about an impending judgment is not because God wants to condemn that person, but that God want that persons to mend his ways. If that persons does, or does not: That is not for us to determined.  I pray and hope that Raschke will, and his ministry will be extended for a long, long time.

On  September 1st, First Monday of September, Labor Day in the USA, Raschke preaches on the "Dia de Clamor" rally he has been leading in San Juan PR, on front of the Capitol building, for the last 41 years.  Consistently that has been the largest annual event in PR. A show stopper in local politics and religion. A platform God gave him....

 For a long time Raschke was seen as the Prophet of God, the man God used to speak to the Puerto Rican nation, to the Puerto Rican people, to warn us about good and bad things. But for the last 16 years, his personal and ministerial life have been plague with conflicts and questionable actions.

Many of those who supported him at the beginning, no longer do. Many individuals have called him to change, but  he has not. About 4 years ago Efrain sent Raschke copy of his prophetic message. Raschke did not respond to him personally, one way or another, but started preaching against him, badmouthing him thru his radio station and elsewhere.  Efrain felt that in so doing Raschke was disregarding a message that came directly from the Holy Spirit. This went on for years, till on this summer the message of judgment against Raschke was declared.

We are all humans, and perhaps Efrain proclaimed this judgment on the heat of the moment, on his own, defending his own ministry and prophetic message. Since then, I have no doubt that thousands of us have prayed to God that God will protect Raschke and no harm will come to him. Yet with his way of preaching, he has hurt many people, dearly. No one should want to see a man of God  fall from grace. But neither do we want to see the little ones, hurt by a man of God who is misusing the ministry  and the platform God himself gave him.

So I do believe and hope that God has extended his love and mercy to Raschke, giving him one more chance to mend his ways. If on September 1st, he preaches the message God want him to preach, his ministry will be extended with the full anointment of God. But If he chooses to preach as he has been doing for years, and perhaps harder, disregarding the warnings God has given him for so long.  Then the Presence of God, the anointment will depart from his ministry, and it will just whither away.

He has been measured, he has been weighted and have been found faulty. Yet he has been giving one more opportunity to mend his ways. Thanks God for that. I pray  that he will. Let us all pray to God that he will. Amen.

As far as Efrain Rodriguez  is concerned, I do believe he received a prophetic message to share with us. His delivery of that message has not been perfect. He speaks for too long, and add and speculate on things that are not part of the prophecy itself. He is not perfect. He is just a local church member, who retired from his job for health reasons, and yet God put him in a 24/7 schedule preaching a highly controversial message, for the last 4 years, for free. If his prophecy happens as he preaches it, many people will seek him and  worship him as a god. If it does not happens within the time-frame Efrain has given, before the end of this year, 2014, then many more will hate him. 

Thus I see and can understand that once his prophetic ministry finishes God may take him away: So that we will focus on the message and not on the messenger.
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